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What do chips do?
We see chemistry all over the universe. Mainly we see it in the air or even on the walls of rotten down building of contamination. But it can also be created by us. We can choose what we really want to make to make even antidotes or even medicine. Today I chose a topic of something related to chemistry, something I thought would be kind of neat and interesting to learn. How computer chips in general computer hardware can be closely related to chemistry and how we could use it in real efficiency of time in research. Most of the standard industry use micro chips that are made from Intel. Intel is obviously a huge manufacture in this business and been here since the 1900’s. Most standard chips are made of silicon. Today silicon is everywhere it’s the most basic principle in beach sand as in a natural semiconductor and the most abundant element.
First we can say the most advantage of silicon computer chips is because it’s a semiconductor. Which means when the computer runs it acts more like a conductor. Which is why it keeps temperatures low while it runs the PC or laptop from burning your motherboard. This process is called doping. It’s like saying conductors make it hard to control an electric signal. While insulators block electric signals. Semiconductors can do mostly both depending how the manufacturers want it implemented. Stability is one of the other reasons we use silicon in our computers (University of Texas at Austin, 2015). Not only can it lower temperature when it’s on for awhile. But it can also with stand a higher degree of heat then the chemical element germanium. Which are still in computers today. Another reason would be the cost. It’s easy to find due to the doping process which can create an ease of circuits and make it inexpensive to produce.
Second, over time we can see that as technology advances so does the hardware that goes along with it. “Today the foundation of our computers, mobile phones and other electronic apparatus is silicon transistors. A transistor is in principal an on- and off- contact and there are millions of tiny transistors on every computer chip” (University of Copenhagen 2009). I agree with this because as technology advances the equipment gets smaller and smaller. One of the main reasons silicon won’t last very long. But like they say "Silicon is great. It's very hard to beat," said senior author and electrical engineer Subhasish (Meeri, 2013). That is very true. Silicon is very stable and we been able to improve it over time. The challenge will be to try to match it to make it even faster and efficient.
Lastly, now for the ways we can introduce how computer simulations comes into play. Bio imaging applications can result in looking for tumors and measurement in pH changes. A great example would be spectrophotometry. We did that in class and it showed us the reading of abundance and molarity. But the most important thing would be that it shows us images of what going on in the system or out body. We can use that to read the scale. “This method combines the strengths of quantum mechanics, molecular mechanics, classical molecular dynamics, and Monte Carlo techniques. Because of this work, it is now possible to perform computer simulation of protein-quantum dot complexes that were previously considered to be beyond the scope of computational investigations” (Syracuse University 2015). Mainly this has shown that in a simulation we can see what’s going on in different perspectives and that is why it can be applied in bigger and complex things.
Moore’s Law pretty much is the big reason behind the impact in computers. It only gets bigger from here. As it states they are trying to double the transistor count every 18 months. (Mapping the rise…2008). As technology advances so does the material they add into the computers to make it more efficient and more stable. The big part of computer hardware that I see is they are trying to save more energy. Because usually with more power on a laptop or PC means more energy has to be used. That is the challenges they have to face and to improve on. Well as you can see today we have a lot of power on our machines to see how things react to, or how we can determine data. We can provide the most basic communications for our devices and to see what they actually do is the best part.

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