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Computer Input-Output Technologies That Link Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

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Case Study: Computer Input-Output Technologies that Link Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

CSCI 109

Computer Input-Output Technologies that Link Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers Both videos presented showcase the advanced computing technologies being used to revolutionize the air traffic control system. The efficiency they are enabling is actually redrawing airspace, reducing harmful carbon emissions, improving on-time performance and increasing profitability for the airlines. The innovative applications of computer technologies are the genesis of this revolution.
The computer technologies evident in this case study include servers, workstations, user input devices and other peripherals. One of these technologies is the Controller-Pilot Data Link (CPDL). This system provides air-ground data communication for the air traffic control service. The controller and the pilot are provided with the capability to communicate messages, clearances and other important information. “A ‘free text’ capability is also provided to exchange information not conforming to defined formats. An auxiliary capability is provided to allow a ground system to use data link to forward a CPDLC message to another ground system.” (Wikipedia, 2013) This process enhances the workload capability of the controllers and pilots in high-traffic air space. In addition, it increases accuracy in communication as compared to traditional VHF radio traffic.
Anyone that has engaged in a text message conversation on their phones knows that every once in a while messages can start appearing out of sequence of the normal pattern of the conversation. This can be due to technological issues delaying delivery of the message, or because of human input errors. Either way, this can cause confusion in the communication process. This issue of improper sequencing is a risk with the CPDL systems. A…...

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