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Conflict Diagnosis Paper

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Conflict Diagnosis Paper

Conflict Diagnosis Paper
Deaths in the prisons are on the rise in the recent years and the major cause of these deaths are mostly suicide and I this review I will focus mostly on diagnosis on suicide related deaths in the United States. The research in the past has also been criticized for focusing mostly on the static variables like the demographics. In the United States, suicide is more common in prisons compared with the general populations as a whole. Each year it is approximated that the number of prison suicide is 200, and it is the third leading cause of death in prison behind aids and natural cause.
Many suicides are seen as accidental deaths. Some workers fear reporting suicide-related incidents for fear of cases being brought against them. Somebody dying in the hospital after attempting suicide may not be reported as deadly occurred at the prison. The homicide rate in local jails nationwide hovered around 3 inmates per 100,000 between 2000 and 2010, according to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Violent, troubled individuals are concentrated in prisons and jails. “The violent prisoners exert pressures on the most vulnerable inmates who end up succumbing to health related problems or they result to suicide.” (Theodore, Max, & Mitch, 2009.) The populations or individuals that are vulnerable to these pressures should be identified, and this is an essential first step towards resolving the problem. However, it is difficult to identify these groups of small individuals involved in this rare event. It is the statistical equation that can identify the higher risk inmates in a more accurate manner. The method is however not accurate as it cannot identify one individual out of 100 who will try to commit suicide. It is the companion researches that do best to identify issues that distinguish the inmates who attempt suicide from those who do not attempt suicide. It is the best research as it identifies question that should be asked to higher risk inmates. Proper procedures should be adopted to reduce the risks of an inmate attempting to commit suicide. However, some end up committing suicide without being singled out as high risk. This paper will review a case study of Oregon department of correction.
Oregon department of correction, for example, provide health services to the needy inmates both medical and mental. But even with these services some inmates still commit suicide. Oregon reports the highest number of inmates' death than any other prison or jail in the country. It has also been experiencing the increasing number of suicide with the inmates over time.
“To reduce the number of inmate’s deaths in any correctional facility, high risk offenders have to be identified and given proper treatment and care to minimize risk, and the monitoring process to proceed until there is a surety that the risk have been reduced.” (Theodore, Max, & Mitch, 2009.) It is through the research studies that the proper diagnosis to the conflict is arrived at. The research asks the questions such as; can higher risk individuals be identified? If they are identified can there be a proper procedure to care for them in order to minimize the risk? Should a high-risk individual be found to be large in number do Oregon, or any other prison have enough facilities to handle this large number? Should higher risk individuals be found and large in number without any measures to cut off that population to a manageable size, will there be an additional personnel to monitor the high risk individual who commit suicide from those who didn't commit suicide? For diagnosis the other question that should be asked is whether there are other factors influencing the inmates to attempt suicide that are not collected and captured in the DOC data, or an issue that is not regularly discussed by both the inmates and the officers in the prisons. (Theodore, Max, & Mitch, 2009)
An inmate with high risk that commits suicide from those with high risk and didn't attempt to commit suicide is difficult to differentiate. Requests of BHS help and displaying a lack of focus together with emotional behavior also citing a desire to die is impacting more group offenders. What stressed inmates to death in prisons and jails are prolonged periods of incarceration, and threats or rather victimization together with previous attempts to commit suicide,
In prison, nobody is keeping in touch with the prisoners resulting to loneliness, and that is another one of the cause of depression in prisons. In prison, you are alone you don't have anybody, and the individual will tussle him/herself all day long by himself. This will be resolved by having relatives and friends or even life partners pay regular visits to the prison, and this will ease pressure on the inmate. Availing facilities like television can help inmates to feel not much separated from the world, and this will reduce depression by a greater percentage. The physical health problem in the family is also contributing immensely to the depression of the inmate and worsening their vulnerability. “Memories of troubles at home is adding to the worsening condition of the inmate, and the diagnosis to this is to not reveal of family troubles to the inmates and be told that their families are faring on well.” (Theodore, Max, & Mitch, 2009) Some inmates can't get along with their incoming colleagues, and they are threatened at their earlier stays in the prison. Adjusting to prison life is a bit challenging, and the newcomers if possible should be separated for some time at first before being put together with other inmates.
Facilities at the prisons should be better than the current status and if they are improved the number of prison deaths will drastically be reduced. The research findings should also be implemented to reduce the number of inmate's deaths through suicide. System should be put in place to identify individuals who are vulnerable at an early stage of their stay in prison in order to be monitored and given proper care and taken through some correctional facilities to try to improve their condition. Medical and mental care services should be made available in every cell and prison to reduce the number of deaths caused by excess incarceration and HIV/AIDS that are on the rise in the modern prisons.

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Inmate Suicide Prevention Study…...

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