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Contrast the Styles of Two Athletes Who Play the Same Sports

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Samantha Manuel
Dr. Xiongya Gao
English 111
September 22, 2014

On August 29, 2005, there was a hurricane forming in the Gulf of Mexico. Her name was Katrina. It started as a small tropical storm, but as it entered the warm waters of the Gulf it grew to be a monstrous storm. So monstrous, that it would destroy anything in its path. Covering the coast lines of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. During this time, I contacted family members of their plans. We decided to head in different directions and hoped for the best. We all loaded the cars and proceeded towards the interstate. I must say traffic was really horrible. It seemed like everyone decided to leave the day before this monstrous storm hit. After driving over 6 hours, we decided to get a hotel room with no prior reservations. As we approached the entrance there was a line out the door. After speaking with the receptionist there were only two rooms available. We stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Jackson, Mississippi. It was a nice hotel that was full of staff that served complimentary snacks and drinks. My husband and I were glued to the television and knew about what was going on. As the storm approached we waited downstairs it the dining area. The weather started to get worse. The winds rose and the rain falling down hard. After returning to the room water started leaking heavily from the ceiling. Then came the horror stories. Hurricane Katrina directly impacted families by disrupting and forcing family members to adjust to differing types of losses. This catastrophic event resulted in the forced relocation of my family members. After being displaced we were looking into other resources that could help with assisting evacuees. After traveling toward and stopping in Batesville, Mississippi, my husband received a phone call stating come to Friendswood, Texas. After traveling over another 5 to 6 hours…...

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