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Contributing Inquiry and Research in Education

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Contributing Inquiry and Research in Education
Danielle A. Hayes
Capella University

[The abstract is a summary of every main point in your paper. For this assignment, include a brief description of background information, action research purpose, inquiry design, and reflection.]

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Introduction ## Background Information ## Purpose ## Inquiry Design ## Reflection ## Conclusion ##

Contributing Inquiry and Research in Education
The subject of my wondering would be literacy with an emphasis on reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is the overall goal when it comes to the multiple facets of reading. Students must be able to decode the words on the page as well as comprehend them. Reading comprehension becomes a huge issue for children who are labeled as “struggling readers.” The label of the struggling reader means the student may be having trouble decoding the semantics of any given sentence. The negative label of being a struggling reader highly affects a student’s attitude towards the subject of reading. Once a child has been labeled as such, it becomes difficult for the child to motivate himself or herself to read, especially if there is very little assistance given. The problem I have identified in my classroom/school is that the negative labels that are placed on struggling readers at the elementary school level are highly affecting a students’ attitude towards the subject of reading. Therefore, the purpose of my research is to see if the students who have a negative attitude towards reading are introduced to innovative reading strategies that are to improve their reading skills, then it is possible to increase the students’ attitudes as well. When teachers arm all readers with the necessary tools to combat the lack of skills, then reading becomes a positive force in the lives of the…...

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