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Convention in Philadelphia

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American Government

The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia

The three proposals that were debated at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 were the Virginia and New Jersey Plan and the Connecticut Compromise. Legislatures of twelve states had selected seventy-four delegates, and fifty-five filled these seats. These delegates consisted of twenty-nine college graduates and the remaining twenty-six included notables such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. The goal of the the Philadelphia convention was to establish a new Union.
The Virginia Plan was the first plan proposed at the Constitutional Convention. This plan was written by James Madison and was led by Governor Edmund Randolph and called for a strong central government. The plan consisted of the following: A two house legislature, with numerical representation, where popularly elected lower house elects the upper house. Broad, yet undefined legislative power, with absolute veto over laws passed by state legislatures with taxing power. Single executive elected by legislature for fixed term. National judiciary elected by the legislature. Council of Revision composed of the executive and judiciary to review laws passed by national legislature. The Virginia Plan generated a counter-proposal by William Paterson of New Jersey called the New Jersey Plan.
The New Jersey Plan called for a modest change in the Articles of the Confederation, keep the state governments dominant. The New Jersey Plan consisted of the following: A one-house legislature, with equal state representation. The same legislative power as under the articles, plus power to levy some taxes and to regulate commerce. A plural executive to hear appeals on violations of national laws in state courts. A “supremacy clause” similar to that found in Article VI of present Constitution. There was a big division amongst delegates with this plan. The divide was due to the issue of representation. There was fear of giving larger states more power than the smaller states.
The Connecticut Compromise, also known as the Great Compromise led by Roger Sherman, Dr William Samuel Johnson and Oliver Ellsworth. This compromise called for numerical representation in the lower house and equal state representation in the upper house. The plan states the following: A two-house legislature, with numerical representation in popularly elected House and equal state representation in state- selected Senate. A broad legislative power, which includes power to tax and to regulate the commerce. A single executive, chosen by electoral college. A National judiciary, appointed by president and confirmed by Senate. As supremacy clause, no Council of Revision. The Convention delegates approved the Connecticut Compromise by a one-vote margin, and historians agree that its adoption was crucial to the success of the Convention and the Constitution.
The form signed by farmers on September 17, 1787, the Constitution reflected some features of the Virginia and New Jersey plans. The plan resolved issues of representation in Congress. It blended the Virginia and New Jersey Plans as a model for representation in the two houses of Congress.…...

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