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Corn Processing Equipment Works According to Several Steps

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CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT works according to several steps as below:

We manufacture Large Scale Maize Flour Milling Line with processing capacity of 150T, 200T, 300T, 500T, 1000T and 2000T. Large Scale Maize Flour Milling Line adopts dry method and excellent automation solution, and furthest reduces manual cost and production cost. The professional corn processing project designers and commissioning engineers team ensures the technological advancement, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also reduces the impurities, dust and bran speck impact to end products.

Quality goods yield rate reaches or surpasses national standard and increases market competitiveness. The whole Large Scale Maize Flour Milling Line has the features of advanced technology, superior equipment, strong specificity, reasonable arrangement, low energy consumption, high flour yield and so on. It is widely used in the following enterprises: food, sugar, beer and so in. And the core equipments have gained national patent.

Large Scale Maize Flour Milling Line technological introduction:
1. Large Scale Maize Flour Milling Line first removes impurities mixed with the corn kernels: one classifying process can sort out qualified size of corn kernels; one polishing machine can remove the impurities which adhere to the kernel surface and make kernels look more bright.
2. Unprocessed corn cleaning section: it adopts one screening process, one stone removing process and the winnowing system to clean the big and small impurities, light impurities, pebbles and magnetic material to ensure the product quality.
3. Flour milling section: smashing makes the material granularity suitable when it enters into the flour milling machine so as to improve grinding efficiency. The flour milling machine can grind the material into flour, then the screen separates various material. Purification can separate the fine skin and broken germs by the combined effect of screening and winnowing.
4. Measuring and packaging section: the warehouse can reduce the amount of labour used. Measuring and packaging can adopt manual or electrical measuring and packaging according to actual needs.…...

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