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个人签证用/For Individual Visa

旅 游 邀 请 函

Invitation letter for Tourist
Embassy (Consulate General / Consulate / Office):
of Company

China Adventure Travel Company Limited
1407,Yi An Plaza,No 33 Jianshe Liu Ma Lu,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou 510060 China

旅游公司名称, 地址


Company regisration number
Information of the invited (1 person)

被邀请人名单(共 1人)







Hugo Alexander Cantrell





Validity of Visa intended to apply

23 days/23天


of Entries 拟入境次数
Date of Entry

West Hotel Hong Kong 伟晴轩酒店
Ching Street, JordanRoad, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong (香港九龍油麻地佐敦道偉晴街39號)

Imperial City Hotel
No.15 Binjiang Rd,Yangshuo(阳朔滨江路15号) Tel:+86-­‐773-­‐8815118

Rest Motel
No.31 Yunji Rd,Xiling District,Yichang(宜昌西陵区云集路31号)

Home Inn (Xi'an Bell Tower Chrysanthemum Garden)
No.1 Dongting Gate,Beilin District,Xi'an(西安碑林区东厅门1号)

Jinjiang Inn Shanghai By The Bund
No.33,Fujiannan Rd,Huangpu District,Shanghai(上海黄浦区福建南路33号)

Beijing Jade Hotel
No.5, Zhide N Alley, Beiheyan St:东城区北河沿大街智德北巷5号(近北京妇产医院)
District, Beijing北京东城区
+86 10 6525 9966

Confirmed Hotels Information

Contact Person 联系人

Guangzhou:Mango Lu(Ruiting Lu)


Beijing: John Jiang(Peng Jiang)


Guangzhou Head Office:Tel:+86 20 83313156

Fax:+86 20 83312845
,Fax & Email

广州总社:电话:+86 20 83313156

传真:+86 20 83312845 电邮
Office:Tel:+86 10 65128789

Fax:+86 10 65123669
10 65128789

传真Fax:+86 10 65123669


Seal & Signature

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