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Critical Analysis of How Successful People Think

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Critical Analysis

In the article How Successful People Think, Roger Martin explores the way successful leaders come to new ideas and solutions to their problems by embracing “integrative thinking”. He explains it as having a capacity to hold two opposite ideas at once and finding a middle ground that is superior to both.
Even though this article was published in Harvard Business Review and it’s target is educated audience (mostly in business field), language and style of writing are articulate and clean. Author does not use over technical words or examples that common person wouldn’t know. Title is bold, bright and hard to miss. Pictures are set up to be inviting and on the point (brain, light bulb). Writer is targeting people who have a wish to improve their leadership skills and recognizes that this quality is spread throughout all social classes and educational levels.
His tone is light, supportive, conversational and readers can tell that author is personally involved in the subject: “… wisely, I might add…”,”…I have interviewed…”. In conclusion of the article Mr. Martin’s voice turns even more declamatory: “But I refuse to believe that the ability to use our opposable minds is a gift reserved for minority of people…”
Roger Martin is the dean of the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto. His passion for the subject is undeniable, but evidence he presents appears personal, weak and contradictory. He claims that “…(successful leaders) share somewhat unusual trait: They have the predisposition and the capacity to hold in their heads two opposing ideas at once.” Not much further down the line he states that there are exceptions and “certainly not every good leader exhibits this capability, nor is the sole source for those who do.” Author does not have any data to back up this claim. There are no percentages of this exemption and no proof…...

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