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Project Description
The objective of this individual project is for you to learn about CRM and understand the use and benefits of CRM technology in sales 1. In Blackboard, you have several resources available to you. Take advantage of them. Some are short videos on YouTube; others are websites on specific CRM technology companies. If you are on campus, you can also visit RB 170 (Ryder Building) when it is not occupied with a course, and log into the most popular web-based software application (cloud-based), Salesforce. 2. Please answer the questions at the end of this document. Submit in Blackboard.
Assignment Deliverables
READ CAREFULLY - You will turn in one (1) Word or PDF document using this file as your template. This is an individual assignment. Please follow this template and type your name and ID on each page in the header. Then simply type your response in the space provided below each question. Follow these guidelines: * The answers should be based on the information you have researched and gathered. * This is a professional paper. Proofread and spell check before submitting. Format should be professional. We sell even in written form! I am not a mind reader so use complete, clear and descriptive sentences. Use as much space as you need but don’t ramble. * Make sure you include the list of links used for reference below.
Links of three websites used for references:
3. |

Section: __________ 1. What is CRM? CRM is customer relationship management is a business strategy that puts the focus on meeting the needs for your customer. It does this by utilizing advanced…...

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