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1. A soldier that wears armor and rides horses.
4. What you shoot from a bow.
6. What a witch turns a person into.
7. A weapon that an archer uses.
8. What a wizard or witch can cast.
12. A place where crops are grown.
14. A story about wizards, dragons, knights, and princesses.
15. Have a spell put on it.
16. A woman who uses magic.
17. What you do to a frog to change it back to a prince.
19. A weapon that a knight might use.
23. Metal clothes that protect a knight.
24. A robber on the seas.
26. A horse with a horn on its head.
27. A place where prisoners are kept.

1. The ruler of the kingdom.
2. A nasty creature that guards bridges and eats people.
3. A small, nasty creature that causes lots of mischief.
5. A short humanoid that lives in mountains and mines for gold.
6. A small magical creature that lives in the wood and can fly.
8. Something a knight carries for protection.
9. A creature with pointy ears that lives in the forest.
10. The king's daughter.
11. A very, very large monster.
13. Spells and charms.
15. Very bad.
16. A person who casts spells.
18. A creature that is half woman and half fish.
20. A big nasty creature that lives in caves and eats people.
21. A fire-breathing reptile that eats princesses.
22. A place where the king lives.
25. The past tense of run.…...

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