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Chrysler Corporation’s announcement indicated that this company tried to increase its production. The process that inputs get changed into output is production. Therefore, in order to maximize a firm’s profit, normally the firm will increase its production by increasing its variable input. But there is a point where the marginal cost of the input is equal to the marginal revenue product; this is the point that the firm should be careful in setting up their production processing plan.
Chrysler made the three-shift production; it will definitely increase its inputs, which include labor cost or capital costs, and most likely the both of these two factors. This business decision came from the market demand. Since their products (especially its minivan and Jeep Cherokeewere) were very popular in the market. To meet the market demand, company has to increase its production. This was exactly why and how Chrysler did in November 1990.
There are some risks by doing this, for example: * When one input is added (with other inputs remain the same), the output will eventually start to fall. Alternatively, we can say that marginal product will decline. * It made the production much more complicated to handle; * The above concerned situation could even become worse when Chrysler produced different parts of automobile in different plants, since they had to know how to allocate its limited resources correctly in order to maximize its profit and minimize its cost;

Samuelson, W., & Marks, S. (2010). Managerial Economics 6th Edition. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley &…...

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