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Cultural Preservation

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Cultural Preservation: A nurse using cultural preservation endorses the utilization of methodically sound cultural practices (Huber, 2009).
Example- An East Indian patient is about to go into surgery to have a tumor removed and the family wants to gather around the patient and pray over her before the patient heads to the operating room and the nurse encourages this behavior among them. Massage and meditation are other examples.
Cultural Accommodation: By using cultural accommodation, the nurse assists and encourages the use of cultural practices that have not been proven harmful (Huber, 2009).
Example- Some Jamaican cultures believe that salt can keep demons and spirits away. Allowing the patient to keep a bottle of salt at his or her bedside does not harm anyone and it demonstrates cultural accommodation by the nurse.
Cultural Repatterning: In this approach, the nurse works with a patient to help him or her change cultural practices that are considered harmful, while still respecting cultural customs (Huber, 2009).
Example-An Amish pregnant women is experiencing problems with her pregnancy and has not received and prenatal care until now. The nurse is recommending she have frequent prenatal visits to monitor her problems. She refuses to have any more prenatal care and wants to have a midwife deliver her baby at home. The nurse needs to provide education and work out a care plan that would be acceptable with the patient to maintain the safety of the patient and her unborn child.
Cultural Brokering in health care:
Is defined as "a health care intervention through which the professional increasingly uses cultural and health science knowledge and skills to negotiate with the client and the health care system for an effective, beneficial health care plan" (National Center for Cultural Competence, 2006).
Example- An elder Vietnamese was admitted into a…...

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