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Bacsil Elementary School
Grade V

Topics | # of Sessions | Behavior/Skill | #of Items | | | K | C | Ap | An | S | E | | Note details in a selection listened to | 5 | 2 | 2 | 3 | | | | 7 | Sequence events in the story | 6 | | | | 5 | | | 5 | Pronouns | 6 | 2 | 3 | 3 | | | | 8 | Verb | 6 | 2 | 2 | 4 | | | | 8 | Adjectives | 5 | 1 | 2 | 2 | | | | 5 | Main idea in a selection | 5 | | | | | 6 | | 6 | Cause and effect relationship | 2 | | | | 6 | | | 6 | Predicting outcome | 3 | | | | | | 5 | 5 | Total | 38 | 7 | 9 | 12 | 11 | 6 | 5 | 50 |

Bacsil Elementary School
Bacsil North, Laoag City
Second Periodic Test

Name: __________________________________ Score: __________
Section: __________________ Date: _______________
Test I. Read the sentences below. Choose the right pronoun in the parentheses. Underline your answer. 1. Mother sent ( we, us ) girls to the market. 2. A family of raccoons followed Rose and ( he, him ). 3. ( We, Us ) share a locker. 4. The teacher found it in ( her, them ) desk. 5. ( I, Their ) went on the Ferris wheel with them. 6. ( He, Them ) talked to the teacher. 7. ( We, Them ) work at the rice field. 8. He checked ( our, me ) car’s engine.
Test II. Complete the sentences by supplying the blanks with an adjective. 1. The __________ door was controlled by an electric eye. 2. The weather was __________. 3. Large, white clouds were scattered across the _________ sky. 4. Nympha has a __________ fever. 5. A __________ bird perched itself on the roof.
Test III. Encircle the correct verb in the parentheses to complete the sentences. 1. The gate had been ( broke, broken ) long ago. 2. Someone had ( ate, eaten ) all the brownies. 3. The sun had ( rose, risen ) early. 4. Erica ( saw, seen ) two deer. 5. Janet Lim Napoles has ( spoke, spoken ) to the reporters. 6. Have you ( wrote, written ) your narrative report? 7. We have ( known, knew ) them for a long time. 8. Have you ever ( saw, seen ) this TV program?

Test IV. Read each paragraph and determine the main idea. Encircle the letter of your answer. (2 points each) 1. The ability to follow directions is an important skill that you use all your life. Scarcely a day goes by without the need to obey directions. Cooking, baking, taking medication, driving, travelling, planning, taking exams and a hundred other common activities require the ability to follow directions. (Dorothy Rubin) a. Following directions is a skill. b. Following directions is a talent. c. Everyone must follow directions. d. Following directions is important.

2. People have always had this mentality that good gifts are expensive, or to put it in another way, expensive presents are good gifts. Seldom do they consider practicality, or more important, sincerity. It has yet to be accepted that gift-giving does not always consist of material things. Looking at the world which has had enough of agreement talks on ceasefire treaties, maybe it can do more smiles and songs. (Chiqui M. Escareal) a. Good gifts are expensive gifts. b. Expensive gifts are the best gifts. c. We must be sincere when we give gifts. d. Good gifts may not always be material things.

3. Groundwater comes from rainwater. Denudation of land areas will allow most of the rainwater to flow into the rivers and seas. Trees and vegetation, on the other hand, retard the flow of rainwater allowing more water to sink into the ground. The planting of trees is a first step in protecting the groundwater resource. Cleaning the air and surroundings is another way of protecting the groundwater. a. How rainwater flows b. Where groundwater comes from c. Why surroundings should be kept clean d. Why groundwater sinks into the ground
Test V. Read the selection then answer the questions that follow.
Tandang Sora
Melchora Aquino was already eighty years old when Bonifacio and his Katipuneros started the revolution of the first cry of Balintawak on August 26, 1896. Because of her advanced age, she was popularly known in her community as Tandang Sora.
Tandang Sora was an industrious woman, although she was old, she still kept a little store in the barrio known as the Pasong Tamo near Balintawak. Being far from the town of Caloocan, her sari-sari store became the center of all supplies in the community. She patiently kept the store although she did not make much profit from it. The people of Pasong Tamo did not have much money and sometimes could not afford to pay for what they wanted to buy from her store. But she loved to serve the barrio folks. She saw to it that they had their essential needs.
This modest little store of Tandang Sora became the meeting place of the revolutionists. It also became a sort of hospital for the Katipuneros who came for food, medicine and others. Tandang Sora’s store was always at the disposal of the Katipuneros. What things were in her store were offered to the patriots who were grateful to her and who called her “The Grand Old Woman of Balintawak.” 1. What is the other name of Melchora Aquino?

2. How old was she when the revolution of the first cry of Balintawak started?

3. What did she keep for a living?

4. What was the name of the barrio where she had lived?

5. Why does she love to serve the barrio folks?

6. Why was she called “The Grand Old Woman of Balintawak?”

7. Was she a big help to the Katipuneros during that time?
Test VI. Match column A with column B. Cause Effect 1. There was a heavy rain a. he didn’t have his recess 2. Rizza did not review her lessons b. she failed the exam 3. Kate forgot to put the fish in the refrigerator c. she had a toothache 4. Toto left his money at their house d. the cat ate it 5. The children stayed long in the rain e. the streets were flooded 6. Kyla ate too much candy f. they got sick
Test VII. The story is not in order. Arrange it by sequencing the events in their correct order. Number it from 1-5.
_____ After a few minutes, she turned the hotdog.
_____ Janie helped her father roast hotdogs on the campfire.
_____ Next, she hold the stick so the hotdog was just above the fire.
_____ Finally, she removed the hotdog from the fire and placed it in a bun.
_____ First, she put a hotdog on a long stick.

Test VIII. Give possible endings of the selections. 1. Pete likes to go to the movies. He often goes with his friends. On Saturday, he was sitting at home with nothing to do when his friend Jon called. Jon was at the theater and he wanted Pete to join him.

2. Raine didn’t know how to swim. She just never learned how, and she was embarrassed about it. None of her friends knew, and she avoided situations where everyone might find out. Today, Sharon invited her to go with her to the city pool.

Name: ________________________________________

Give possible endings to complete the short stories.

Mother Hen and Her Child
Mother Hen was very happy. She had a little funny chick. Mother Hen took her family for a walk. They came to a pond. The funny little chick was very happy when he saw the pond. He left his brothers and sisters and walked toward the pond as fast as he could. His mother ran after him. “Come back! Come back!” she cried.

The Farmer and the Golden Egg One day, the farmer found a golden egg in the goose’s nest. The next morning he found another golden egg. The following morning, he went to his poultry farm very early. He wanted to find out if the goose really lays golden eggs. He found out that his goose laid a golden egg. He thought of getting all the golden eggs in the goose’s stomach. So he went home and got a knife.

The Man Who Wanted to go to Heaven There was a rich man who wanted to go to heaven. He went to look for Jesus. One day, he met Jesus. He asked him, “Master, I am a rich man. I want to go to heaven. What shall I do?” Jesus answered, “You must follow the commandments of God.” The man answered, “I have followed them since I was a little boy.” Then Jesus said, “Give all your money, your land, and everything you have to the poor. Then follow me.” The rich man felt sad. He left Jesus.…...

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