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Customer Behavior

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Many factors play into the consumer behavior of the consumer. Successful marketers take into consideration the beliefs and culture of the buyer, as well as the family situation and even the psychological outlook of the purchase. Reference group is a group who’s perspective and individual takes on in forming values, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and overt behaviors (pg.499). Reference groups can influence an individual’s cognitions, affective responses, and behaviors. As a consumer, your decision to purchase and use certain products, is influenced not only psychological factors, your personality and life-style, but also by the people around you with whom you interact and the various social groups to which you belong. The groups with whom you interact directly or indirectly influence your purchase decision and thus their study is of great importance to marketer to understand. Primary and secondary reference groups is one with which an individual interacts on a regular basis and whose opinion is of importance to him such as, family, neighbors, friends, colleagues and co-workers. Secondary reference groups are those with which an individual interacts only occasionally and does not consider their opinion very influential. Formal and informal reference groups are groups such as labor unions, social clubs, and societies are types of formal reference groups to which individuals may belong (pg 500-501). A formal reference groups has a highly defined structure, specific roles and authority positions and specific goals. In contrast an informal reference groups is loosely defined and may have no specified roles and goals. Meeting your acquaintances for brunch once a month for a friendly exchange of news ,is an example of a informal reference group. Membership reference groups, is one to which a person belongs or qualifies for membership (pg 501). Workers in a factory, for…...

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