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Customer Evaluation on Street Food.

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Customer evaluation of street food in Dhaka City

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S M Asif Ur Rahman
Asst. Professor
School of Business
United International University

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Section: C
Group members: Trimester: Fall2014
Sl No. Name ID Class Serial
1 RaufunNaher 111133004 24
2 IsratJahanEme 111133169 31
3 ShathiAkther 111133053 26
4 ShahrinBinteSiraj 111131104 07
5 PialySaha 111131067 06

Date of submission: 28thDecember, 2014

S M Asif Ur Rahman
Asst. Professor
School of Business
United International University

Subject: Submission of term paper on “Customer evaluation of street food in Dhaka City.”
Dear Sir,
We are very glad to inform you that we are going to submit our term paper on ““Customer evaluation of street food in Dhaka City.”” which prescribed by you in your course Business Communication.
We have tried our level best to complete our term paper in a proper way despite having limitation. This plan is based on our observation as well as with the help of websites and customer of road side.
We will be very grateful if our limited effort is able to draw your kind attention. Your valuable suggestion will inspire us further. There may be some mistakes due to various limitations. For this reason we beg your kind consideration in this regard.

Thank you,
Raufun Naher Shahrin Binte Siraj
Israt Jahan Eme Shathi Akther
Pialy saha

Executive Summary 5
1. Introduction: 6
1.1 Origin of the report: 6
1.2. Purpose of the Study: 6
1.3. Objective of the study: 6
1.3.1. Broad objective: 6
1.3.2 Specific objective: 6
1.4. Historical Background: 7
1.5. Problem of the report: 7
1.6. Scope of the report: 8
1.7. Limitations of the Report: 8
1.8 Methodology of the data collection 8
2. Data findings and analysis: 10
2.1 Available food items 10
2.2. Pictures of Street food items 11
3. Collected information through survey 13
3.1Favorite Items in Street Food: 13
3.2 Why people eat street foods: 14
3.3 Price of street food: 15
3.4 Place of street food: 16
3.5 Eating season of street food: 17
3.6 Eating time of street food: 18
3.7 Test of street food: 19
3.8 Affect in our health: 20
3.9 Recommend to their relatives and friends: 21
3.10 People mostly like street food Male/Female: 22
3. 11 Different kinds of area which people eat street foods: 23
4. Conclusion: 24
5. Recommendation and suggestion: 24

Executive Summary

Street food means where people eat various kinds of foods in road side by seating and standing. There are many kinds of street foods such as- fuchka, chotpoti, rool, kabab, sandwich, fruits, fruit’s juice, tea, coffee, pitha, bakery foods, jalmuri, bhelpuri, chatnee and so on.
Maximum time, we can eat this kinds of foods in road side. Salesman are staying a specific place or not and they have a small kind of shop. Maximum time they make this food in their home and try to make it tasty, delicious. Try to serve it very quickly to their customers.
We can find street food on our nearby such as- school side, college side, university side, beside shopping mall, park, office side, lake side, popular place etc. Students, service holder, business man, housewife all kind of people eat street food. Now-a-days these kinds of foods are very popular. People eat here and there once in a week more. Among all the students and housewives customer are more and the retired persons come here the less.Many customers like street food very much.
Everyone knows that these kinds of foods are unhygienic but they are eating these food because they like it’s taste, cann’t cook it, don’t have enough time to cook. And food price is not high, it’s not expensive, it’s so cheap. That’s why people eat street food with their family, friends, relatives, colleague.
It is usually sold in busy public areas, such as:
• Pavements
• Roadways
• Back alleys of markets
• School premises
• Bus and railway stations
• Beaches
• Parks and other public spaces.

1. Introduction:
1.1 Origin of the report:
This term paper is assigned by our respected teacher to make us to introduce with the reality. We came to know a lot of thing throughout the whole course but this term paper helps us a lot to know the reality. For the assessment, primary & data was collected. For this we have gone through the internet, customer of road side and class lecture sheets for the relevant information of the assigned topic.
1.2. Purpose of the Study:
The report is required course for the students who are studying BBA of United International University under the course titled Business Communication.
1.3. Objective of the study:
The aim of this study is to explore consumers’ attitudes, perception of street foods and customer service quality in Dhaka city
1.3.1. Broad objective:
»Finding customer satisfaction of street food in Dhaka city
1.3.2 Specific objective:
»Finding the nutritional quality of street food.
»Finding the street food which sold more.
»Finding customer satisfaction of street food.
»Finding the relationship between customer loyalty and customer services.
»Finding the customer perception of street food.
»Between male and female who like more street food.

1.4. Historical Background:
Now-a-day’s Street foods are very much popular in the developing countries. As a developing country a lot of street foods are found in the street and open places in Dhaka city. Street foods are very much popular in Dhaka city people due to its cheap price and sharp taste. There are 128 varieties of street foods found in Dhaka city. Among them Fhucka, Chotpothi, Bhelpuri, Samucha, DaalPuri, Lassi, Jhalmuri, Halim are most popular. Street foods are ready to eat foods and beverages prepared and sold by vendors and hawkers especially in streets and other similar public places. Street foods are mainly prepared from flour, meat, fish, vegetables, egg etc.
The city people are crazy about street foodand they don’t need any guide to taste all those snacking foods. The reason behind this is people daily get to eat a wide variety of foods that is relatively cheap and easily edible. Dhaka is known for its dazzling variety of street food.
There are many types of street food in Dhaka city. Street vendors are easy to come by in any zone; if they’ve got no clue – look for a bunch of chairs surrounding a wooden ‘van-gaari’ or a more furnished mini-bus type of ‘van-gaari’. The budget can range from 10-150 tk for a single person, depending on how much he/she eats. Generally customers get these types of foods every day from afternoon. Customers paid the price by hand to hand. These street foods make and serve by one person or most probably more than one person. We can get these types of street foods which have every area.

1.5. Problem of the report:
In this research the following are considered • The perception of customers regarding prices and changing habits.
• Their convenience, values and related efforts towards customers.
• The menu at the place they eat, location and their taste preferences
• Customers purchasing ability.
• The street food gives affect in health.
• Future opportunities and avenues

1.6. Scope of the report:
This report is based on a large sample group in prime locations in Dhaka city and therefore this study will help us closely understand the quality and people like or not street food in Dhaka city. This study would enable various concerned to derive conclusions and analysis based on the information. Findings will enable to understand the current scenarios of street food in Dhaka city.

1.7. Limitations of the Report:
Since the report is based on primary & secondary data analysis. The consultant could not cover a broader field area due to the monsoon period and also due to the time limit. If the surveyed personnel provide us with any fabricated information about their opinion, then the report findings may be erroneous. Above all, this study is weak in some points. The notable ones are an Opinion of the customers, and then the report findings may be erroneous.
1.8 Methodology of the data collection
Type of research: The type of our research is Descriptive information.
Type of data: We are going to use primary & secondary data for our report.
Sampling method: Our sampling method will be non-probability convenience with Quota.
Area of sampling: We are going to collect our samples from Dhanmondi, Gulsan, Farmgate and Mohammadpur.
Sample size: We will choose 200 people. 70 will be from Dhanmondi, 50 will be from Mohammadpur, 40 will be from Gulsan and 40 will be from Farmgate.
Data collection method: We will use close ended questionnaire survey for data collection.
Data analyzing tools & techniques: For data analyzing, we will use Microsoft Word, Excel, Statistical tools: %, Graph, Chart, Average, Frequency distribution.
Data Presentation Format: We will submit the report in Hard copy (docx) and present the report in Soft copy (pptx).
Tentative Work Schedule (a date/week wise plan of work);
We will complete our report on week wise. Week wise plan schedule is given below:
Week wise plan of work Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Selecting a topic
Data Research
Data Collection
Data Analyzing
Prepare the report
Report submission

2. Data findings and analysis:

2.1 Available food items

2.2. Pictures of Street food items

3. Collected information through survey
We have selected 200 people for our survey. For some limitations we could not reach our target but we have surveyed 178 people.
3.1Favorite Items in Street Food:
Many people like many kinds of street food. Fuchka and chotpoti like 66 people (117.48%), rool and kabab like 35 (62.3%), fruits like 31 (55.18%), above all 46 (81.88%).

Terms Number of people Percentage
Fuchka and Chotpoti 66 117.48
Rool and Kabab 35 62.30
Fruits 31 55.18
Above all 46 81.88

3.2 Why people eat street foods:
People eat street food because of like to eat, can’t cook, everyone eats. Overall 35 (62.3%) people eats street food because of not enough time to cook, 99 (176.22%) people eat street food because of like to eat it, 21(37.38%) eat street food because of can’t cook, 23 (40.94%) eat street food because of everyone eat.

Because People Percentage
Not enough time to cook 35 62.3
Like to eat 99 176.22
Can't cook 21 37.38

Everyone eats 23 40.94

3.3 Price of street food:
The price of street food is cheap, expensive, and moderate. 86 people (153.08%) told that’s food is so cheap, 18 people (32.04%) told that’s food is expensive, 74 people (131.72%) told that’s food is moderate.

Price Number of people Percentage
Cheap 86 153.08
Expensive 18 32.04
Moderate 74 131.72

3.4 Place of street food:
Maximum time we can find out street food in our shopping mall, school, office, university side. 40 people eat street food in school side, 26 people eat street food in office side, 68 besides shopping mall, 44 people eat street food in university side.

Place People Percentage
School side 40 71.2
Office side 26 46.28
Shopping mall 68 121.04
University side 44 78.32

3.5 Eating season of street food:
There is no time for eating street food. People eat street food anytime and anywhere. We prefer three seasons summer, winter, rainy and all. 27 people like to eat street food in summer season. 38 people like to eat street food in winter, 12 people like to eat street food in rainy, and 101 people like to eat street food in all seasons.

Time People Percentage
Summer 27 48.06
Winter 38 67.64
Rainy day 12 21.36
All seasons 101 179.78

3.6 Eating time of street food:
We think people are eating street food in morning, afternoon, evening, night. In our column chats we can see that, 82 (145.96%) people are eating in evening, 42 (74.76%), people are eating in afternoon, 29 (51.62%) people are eating in night, 25 (44.5%) people are eating in morning.

Time People Percentage
Morning 25 44.5
Afternoon 42 74.76
Evening 82 145.96
Night 29 51.62

3.7 Test of street food:
Maximum people told that street food is delicious. About 108 people (192.24%) told that street food is delicious, 50 people (89%) told that street food is moderate, 20 people (35.6%) told that street food is worthless.

Test People Percentage
Delicious 108 192.24
Worthless 20 35.6
Moderate 50 89

3.8 Affect in our health:
About 127 people said that that’s kind of food is unhygienic and 50 people said that that’s kind of food is hygienic. So we can say that street food is unhygienic, is also effect in our health.

Affect People Percentage
Hygienic 50 89
Unhygienic 127 226.06

3.9 Recommend to their relatives and friends:
Maximum people do not recommend their friends and relatives to eat street food. About 66 people (37%), about 52 people (29%) agree to eat street food, about 60 people (34%) equally strongly agree and strongly disagree to eat street food.

3.10 People mostly like street food Male/Female:
Through our survey we have found that male customers like street food more than female customer. The percentage of eating male customer is 52% where female customer is 48%.

People Number of people like Percentage
Male 92 52%
Female 86 48%

In statistical tool (Tally):

3. 11 Different kinds of area which people eat street foods:

Customers whose take street foods from different kinds of areas. Maximum people in Dhanmondi come here the most for eating street food which percentage are 35%. Then mohammadpur area’s customers like these kinds of foods which percentage is 24%, Gulshan area’s customer percentage are 22%, and Farmgat area’s customers percentage are 19%.

In statistical tool (Tally):

4. Conclusion:
According to our survey of 178 customers we came to know that the street foods sold here well. As there are more categories in street foods. People buy street foods more. According to customers there are no products which should include in street foods. But almost every all customers said the street foods are unhygienic and unhealthy for health. But customers eat it for tasty and delicious.

5. Recommendation and suggestion:
After surveying we came to know that street foods have already captured the customers mind well. Customers are satisfied to eat street foods. If they want to satisfied their customers more they can take the following steps:

1. Try to make hygienic and healthy food which is good for our body.
2. Many customers have said that the prices of products are not reasonable. So street foods should make the prices reasonable so that customers will be more satisfied.
3. Customers have also said that those entire foods they want are not available. We should identify the area and make street foods available here.
4. The behaviors of salesman or businessman of street food should improve with the customers.
Customers said that they will recommend their relatives or friend for eating these foods. For satisfying the customers of street foods, salesman or businessman on street foods can take these steps.…...

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On the Streets

...english 1010 October 15, 2015 On the Street Many people pass them on the side of the road, many have a thought they stay under bridges, also a lot of people think they are just low down. the truth is they are just human beings trying to survive one day at a time. 17% of the world is homeless that means out of the 7.3 billion people recored in the world over a billion of them are homeless. that makes up more then half of the united state population. though some were never educated and some where just put in a hard spot they all ended up in the same place, on the street. I asked one man, on the corner of highland and sam cooper why he's out here. He told me with a smile,” i'm working so I can eat.” Which got me interested? I was curious, why he was smiling. To have nothing, and be begging for money how could someone be so happy, but then Tyrone (the man from the corner) and I got into a deeper conversation; Tyrone told me he was my age once ,and he thought, he could take on the world. He said,” school wasn't for me and I had a bad hand dealt when I was younger,” with his father out of the picture and him the oldest of five siblings he knew he had to take the reins. With no education and job back round you ask what did he do. He did what any man would do he provided any way he could which took him down some long dark road. He stated he was in and out of jail and eventually his mother didn't want anything to do with him till he got back to who Tyrone truly was. So hearing......

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Customer Preference of Private Label Brands of Food Bazaar

...working on new marketing strategies to sustain in the market, one such strategy being private branding adopted by most of the retailer. Private brand is one of the strategies decisions for most of the retail organizations in recent years and hence many retailers’ have introduced varieties of private label in different categories like apparel, food and grocery, health care, personal care, consumer durables, lifestyle etc. Major driving force behind introducing store brand is to ensure the customer store loyalty. This can be accomplished as brand is available only in specific stores. The study aims to analyze the Consumer Perception towards Private Label Brands on Big Bazaar, Patia. This project report provides analysis and evaluation of customer perception towards store brands of Food Bazaar. The objective of the study is to understand the possibility of success when retailers introduce private brands. The research is aimed to explore if buying choices are made based on brand loyalty and to analyze whether customers actively seek for new brands or strict to the old brands. Methods of analysis include pie charts and graphs which chalk out the customer profile and how they make decisions with regards to brands. The project kicked off on the 2nd week at Big Bazaar,Patiawhen I got my topic. The 1st week went primarily studying retail store operation such as shelving, racking, selling and visual merchandising. From 2nd week onwards, I took those days when footfall is high in Big......

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