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Cyclopica Stimulus

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A horrific virus that spread throughout the universe causing ecological catastrophes that could take the lives of almost the whole human population. Discovered in the life-eating disease called Kyrptonic Syndrome, Cyclopica Stimulus- abbreviated CS for short- is a nanovirus that is on the verge of wiping out all the life on the earth. The discovery took place in a laboratory in London, England around 2052. A well-known scientist, William Glasslow, was conducting an experiment involving the analysis of samples of blood from people who just died from Kyrptonic Syndrome. As he peered through his microscopic machine magnifier (MMM), he came across a figure that was never seen in the past. It was a type of bacterium, but what was it? He placed it with harmless bacteria in a solution to test how pathogenic it was. Instantly, the surrounding microbes were killed. Astonished, William made a generalization that the cause of the numerous deaths of many people with Kryptonic Syndrome was this nanovirus. Later, William established a name for this virus: Cyclopica Stimulus, and he pondered on a way to destroy this virus but never came up with a method. The next morning, the virus had multiplied into twenty or more cells, and according to William, they had reproduced abiogenetically (on its own). William was in struggle with which issue was more important: experimenting on them for beneficial properties, or simply coming up with a method to eradicate them. William, selfishly, considered completing one last experiment to test their useful assets. In preparation, he decontaminated the virus cells by placing them in a H2O solution. After a few hours, William had discovered that the cells had decreased in quantity; as he observed the solution, he found nothing. Then William contemplated for awhile, and he finally understood what had happened. He believed that the virus cells increased in number in the water solution, and using oxygen molecules as transport, the cells left the lab and into the world of civilization. Startled, William quickly notified the Center of Disease Management (CDM) of the hazardous virus flourishing in the city of London, but later he perceived it had already spread throughout the country. William discussed this predicament with the head leaders of the CDM, and he, also, proposed to them an idea to hopefully escape the disease. The idea was to put people in London's underground safe cell, which was both one mile outside the city and used usually for a weather-related disaster. However, in the midst of this dilemma, the more stubborn people believed that they should enjoy life, while drinking cups English tea and laughing at this so-called joke. William, unaccompanied, started formulating some ideas to eliminate CS or what substances to use? With luck, he recovered some of the CS cells and started using his different methods on them. One method was melting its membrane with an oxyhydrogen flame, but this was unsuccessful. During this time of experimentation, William remembered that he needed to alert the rest of the world to practice caution, while the virus was still in existence. However, he was informed that the virus had already killed multiple people in Africa and Asia. Gloomy, William tried using uranium, plutonium, nucleotranium (futuristic radioactive substance), and vanadium as his final combination for his eradication method. This method was indeed a success; nevertheless, the substances created an unstoppable chemical reaction and produced a colossal catastrophe, killing William. The rest of the countries exercised caution by placing people in underground safe cells with all the necessities such as: food, water, and communication equipment. Unfortunately, this method of escape was unsuccessful, and it was discovered that escaping death was impossible. The people residing in the safe cells in London had died. The virus had already entered people's blood stream long before William discovered the virus had left his lab. In addition, the people, who already possessed the virus, were some of the people who also resided in the safe cells. As a result, by the next week, the virus had killed more than 9.3 billion people and most of all life on earth. Cyclopica Stimulus, a horrific nanovirus, has essentially destroyed all life in the universe.…...

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