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D1 Stregnths and Weaknesses of Interaction

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One-to-one interaction
In my one-to-one interaction one of my weaknesses was that I spoke quietly and softly, when I was talking about what I want to be when I am older and why I chose Health And Social Care as a subject for year eleven. To overcome this I need to become more comfortable within myself and when talking to other people, I need to become more confident with what I am talking about and not to be shy. Another weakness is being very nervous and my body posture. When talking to Mrs Langford I get very shy and nervous around people when talking about myself, and what I want to do when I am older. To overcome this I need to be more confident in myself and talk to people in confidence.
During the one-to-one conversation my strength was that I kept good eye contact with the teacher. It’s good that I kept good eye contact because it proved I was listening to the teacher.
Role Play.
In the role play when I was performing with Karys and Tia, we weren’t very focused on the play and didn’t know what to say, this is because we haven’t rehearsed it and didn’t have a script. In the play us three only memorised the scenario and said things at the top of our heads. It didn’t work well because we done it in a very short time and we had to change it to make room for a third person in the scenario. To overcome this I think we could have made a script and rehearse the role play so it can be better. Another weakness us not being able to manage distractions, this was because students and teachers kept walking passed us and we got distracted very easily. And some students were our friends and they came over and were talking to us. This was not helpful because we were not rehearsed and we could not manage the distractions properly. To overcome this I think we should have go into an empty classroom and rehearsed properly before we done the final role play. Even though, the strength to this would be that when we were in character and was not getting distracted by people and we managed to get through parts of the play because we weren’t distracted and we were more focused on the play and scenario. This worked well because we got through the play with no distractions and were able to notest the body language, facial expressions, eye contact and space when doing the play
Group conversation
In the group conversation the weakness was that we only had bullet points to read of and we did not rehearse because a few students in the group were absent in the previous lessons. This meant that the whole interaction was not good and it could have been much better. I think that we could have memorised the main points that we wrote down on the piece of paper to produce the plan and just spoke from that. Another weakness is we could have been more serious and not laugh at each other. That made us easily distracted. To overcome this, I think that we needed to practise the conversation and could have made a script which would have been good for us. However, a strength would be that we were focused, and took a while to get into character, most of us was very good at talking control of the conversation and using clear speech. Although another strength was reading of bullet point notes, I think we used that advantage very effectively.…...

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