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Your Daily Routines: Then and Now

Day Before College After College
Sunday I would spend this day relaxing at home and playing outside with my son. Being that I am attending college online I can still relax at home and spend time with my son.
Monday Work on the computer or around the house. I would also spend some time working out. When my son gets home from school I help him with his homework. Before I do anything I make sure I complete my plan for the week on how I want to finish my class work. I also complete a few discussion questions. When my son gets home from school I help him with his homework.
Tuesday I would spend time playing on my computer. When my son gets home from school I help him with his homework. I work on my class assignments and study the new material. When my son gets home from school I help him with his homework.
Wednesday I would spend time playing on my computer. When my son gets home from school I help him with his homework. I work on my class assignments and study the new material. When my son gets home from school I help him with his homework.
Thursday I would spend time playing on my computer. When my son gets home from school I help him with his homework. I work on my class assignments and study the new material. When my son gets home from school I help him with his homework.
Friday I would spend time playing on my computer. I work on my class assignments and study the new material.
Saturday I would spend this day relaxing at home and playing outside with my son. Being that I am attending college online I can still relax at home and spend time with my son.

What are the major differences in your daily routine now that you are in school?

I would have to say the major differences would have to be the time management. Making sure I set quite time aside to make sure my work is getting competed in a timely manner and also making sure I am retaining the material.

Have you included enough time into your schedule for academics? What information in the chart demonstrates evidence to support your answer?

Every week I always make sure to set aside enough time to work on my academics. Every Monday I go over my plan for that week making sure I have time to get everything done. Having a plan and set times helps make sure things run smoothly.

Do you have an effective balance in the use of your time and your priorities? Why or why not?

I defiantly have an effective balance in the use of my time and priorities. With the daily activity I am involved in dealing my sons sports, projects around the house and school I always make sure I set enough time aside to get things done. I also make sure I do them in the right order making sure the most important things are always done first.

What are some time management strategies you have learned this week that you can implement to make your daily routine effective?

A lot of the time management strategies I have reviewed are the same as what I knew prior to attend school. However, I am a firm believer in prioritizing my goals to better assist me in my time management. By prioritizing your tasks or goals you can better utilize your time and energy into making sure things get done right the first time.…...

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