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Yale daily news has 6330 likes. How the Yale Daily News engaged their reader by motivating them about sports and their wins.
The Crimson White has 7314 likes. They intrigue their readers by having scenarios where they can debate about a topic, like smoking being ban.
Zumba Fitness has 5,797,229 likes. They engage their readers by asking questions that are important to Zumba dancers.
Photo shop has 5,123,822 likes. They engage their readers by asking questions. All the computer geeks will reply and try to give the best respond.

I believe NT Daily can add more things to their Facebook to keep a relationship with their alumni’s as wells as their current students. One of the things I suggest is that they should provide individual information about all the different majors, so that way people will want to have them on their Facebook. Students want to know about changes or what is going on with their majors or career. Another thing they should add is quotes because, quotes are a big part of Facebook and more and more people are adding quotes to their Facebook pages. This will help keep current and formal students become more involved with NT daily news as wells as keeping them motivated. The last suggestion I would recommend is posting football freebies. Therefore alumni’s can have chance to win free football tickets to one of the UNT games. Football is big in Texas it has a major influence on alumni’s and students. This will not only keep alumni’s interested in the NT Daily News but also keep them more involved locally.…...

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