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Dear Alina

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Dear Alina,

I`m so sorry I haven`t written for a long time. I`ve got a new job and you what means that.. Now I`m a Tourist guide in Scotland and I don`t have time to do many things. I must find new informatin about any zones from Scotland and Atlantic Ocean. I live in Scotland, in Edinburgh in a big house with my brother and his child. I really love this country. It`s very beautiful and his history is very intersting. I am very busy because I must studing all the history of Scotland. About my job I haven`t many things to say. I always must be very nice and I must answer all the questions from my tourits. My brother lives with me. He is manager at an important clothing company. About me it`s something new…Yesterday, I met a new boy. He is my neighbour and his name is Xin Jiang. He is from Japan. Xin is tall, with blue eyes and black hair. If you`ll come at me you`ll meet him( But what about you? Are you fine? I watch on TV some information about Romania. There are big problems with the jobs. Have you got anyone? Well...If is any problem at your job I have a suggestion for you. My chief is looking for a good assistant. From what I remember I know you can talk 5 or 6 languages. If I remeber good that`s perfect. You`ll be hired on the spot. Your wage will be about 700$. If you need this job please call me at my new number in 10 days. My number is 00830741555065. I`ll finish my letter now because is time to go out with Xin.. I`m so excited to see him. I`ll tell you in my next letter about this apointment.

With love, your strawberry, Deea

190, Crazy Street, Maiami
January 23th

Dear Cosmin,

I`m sorry i didn`t sent the letter earlier but i haven`t time to write you. I`m very busy because I moved in Miami and I had to move all my things,to get accustomed to the place,should I make new friends.

Here everything is good, the city is very beautiful and big,people are civilized, i living in a neighborhood that is close to the beach where I go almost every day. At my new school I haven`t got any problems...I`ve got 10 at english and history… and in the rest everything is the same as at my old location...

How are you? May you have trouble with the left foot? You were in surgery? What about our friends from the block…What are they doing? Something new there? Any problem, any girl?

I`ll stop now because I`ll go in 10 minutes with a friend to bowling. BUT…Now that I moved I hope not to interrupt the friendship we have and I write and you too .

With love, your friend Paul

Dear Mr Thompsen

I recently received a letter from a Mr Robinson, a valued customer of ours. He purchased an Italian coffee table and four French dining-room chairs from us which your company delivered to his residence.He has written to complain that the purchases arrived damaged. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and would like an explanation as to how this mishap occurred. Even though the items are insured, our reputation is at stake.I would be most grateful if you would reply as soon as possible so that this matter can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Sincerely,Jackie Middleton
231,Sotuh Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
August 15th…...

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