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Define the Concept of Social Class Identity

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Define the concept of social class identity
Social class identity is the term used when referring to the differences social classes have, such as different cultures, norms and values. This is a very difficult term to be used in order to categorise an individual as social class can be subjective or objective. The government uses the objective view, based on the based on the economical status of the individual, to be able to identify them into a social class. However, the person’s subjective sense of identity, (what they think they are), may come into conflict or slightly differ from the objective view of the society
It can be said that those who share a social class identity normally share the same socio- economic status in society, educational backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles and outlooks on life. There is some evidence to suggest that there are inequalities between social classes, in terms of infant mortality, mortality in general, life expectancy, type of futures (positive or negative) and their material wealth or possessions.
Outline and explain two changes that have occurred in working class identity over the past thirty years
Many changes have occurred in the working-class in the past thirty years. They have seemed to evolved in the way they see themselves and see their class. There seem to be two new groups that have emerged of the once united traditional working class. In the past the traditional working class was more involved in heavy industries such as mining and shipbuilding, which has gone into a huge decline in the contemporary U.K over the past thirty years. As a result, the solidarity that came with those jobs as the workers learnt to watch out for each other has also gone into decline and with it the economic basis for class identity has weakened.
Research has shown that a new working class sees work as a way to make ends meet rather than in…...

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