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Deterining Subnet Configuration

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Determining Subnet Configuration for Variety of Networks
Alvin Miles
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Determining Subnet Configuration for Variety of Networks In this final week IP assignment we are given some IP addresses and are ask several questions on anything from what is the broadcast address of this IP, what are the range of valid host IP addresses, to subnet ranges. Before we go too deep in trying to answer these questions I must first explain what classful routing protocol is as this will help explain some of my answers. In classful routing protocol all your networks will be using different classes and are separated only by a router (Lewis, 2011). Also classful routing protocol will only look at IP addresses and not the subnet mask. This is a problem as you can’t change the subnet mask in any of your network (Lewis, 2011). Most networks today use the classless routing protocol. This protocol supports VLSM and different sizes network within the same IP address class (Lewis, 2011).
The first IP address we are given is, from this we are ask the question of what is the network address or network number? The network address would fall within the Class “A” and would give us
The second question asks us to find out what the broadcast address of the IP address that has a subnet mask of To get the broadcast address we will need to find out how many subnets and hosts that we have with this subnet mask. So let’s write down this mask into binary form to get 11111111.11111111.11111111.11100000. From this we have borrow 3 bits from the last octet to get the 224. If you used the magic equation 2N-2 = the number of networks and “N” = the number of bits borrow you will get 23-2= 6. The number of zeros that are left in the last octet is the number of host bits. You will…...

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