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Anderson University
Room: Decker 230
Fall 2014
M, W, F 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm.

Dianna Stankiewicz, M.A. - Instructor
Kissinger Learning Center 005
Office: 641-4227
Home: 282-8756
September 29th – December 11th

I. COURSE DESCRIPTION * College Survival Skills is a course designed to increase the student's success in college by assisting the student in obtaining skills necessary to reach his/her educational objectives. Topics in this course include note taking, test-taking, time management, communication skills, study techniques, learning styles, the basics of emotional intelligence, career planning, critical thinking, problem solving and personal issues faced by college students during this transition time.

II. COURSE PURPOSE * Provides an opportunity for students to learn and adopt methods to be successful in under- * graduate work. Deals with basic academic, study and life skills, and attitudes necessary for * collegiate success. * III. OBJECTIVES - At the completion of this course, the student will be able to: * A. Discuss how he/she is responsible for his/her experience in college. * B. Describe ways he/she can create a successful and satisfying experience at college.
C. List and describe specific methods to: 1. improve ability to recall information 2. manage time more efficiently 3. read textbook with improved retention 4. prepare for and take tests 5. take effective notes…...

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