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1. Chapter5 1. Read textbook Chapter 5 (pages 151-178). 2. Review Chapter Objectives 3. View Power Point 2. Note Taking 4. Describe your present note taking strategies in your classes. How well is your approach working for you. Do your notes help you pass your quizzes/exams? Do you feel you need to improve your note taking skills? My note taking is on point at the moment, I believe I am great at note taking & organized as well as detailed when I write down notes. My notes help me better understand the book than having to read, when it comes to exams & quizzes I rely on my notes to help me pass

5. Review Chapter 5 and select strategies that you think will help you. Practice using the new strategies for a week. Report on the results. Did you notice any improvements in your learning and understanding of the course materials? The strategy I selected to use was the Cornell system, it helped me better understand what I am listing to and what I am writing down. 3. Watch Video, Julian Treasure: 5 Ways to Listen Better. Using your word processor, write two paragraphs. 1. Julian Treasure gives several compelling reasons why good listening skills are important. Summarize these reasons. 2. Use the 4 RASA techniques on one person this week and describe what you did and how they reacted.
Good listening skills are important because with out listening we are not able to experience the flow of time from past to future. Without listening our world will become a very scary place. If we were to listen, media sources wont have to scream out to us to catch our attention. There are many skills one can use to improve their listening skills.
The RASA technique was used on one of my peers this week, first I used receive by telling my friend a story and having his focus on me. The second technique I used was appreciate, my peer made little mumbles like “oh, I see” indicating that he was interested in what I was telling him. The third technique was summarize, he wrote down what he was listening to in a short summary. The fourth technique was ask, my peer asked question about the story I told him about.

4. Watch the YouTube Video How to Get the Most of Studying Part 1 6. What are the “Beliefs that Make You Stupid”? Learning is fast. Knowledge is composed of isolated facts. Being good at a subject is a matter of inborn talent. Multitasking. 7. Do you have any of the limiting beliefs that Dr. Chew lists? No 8. What is Metacognition? Refers to awareness of how you truly understand a topic. 9. How did the poor students (this means students who had not yet developed their study skills not poor economically) think they were going to do on the test? Students thought they did well on a exam, but once the scores came in they appalled by the failing grade they received. 10. Why is this significant? What was your opinion of how you did on your last test? Did you think you were going to get a better grade than what you actually earned? On my last exam I did a bit of studying, I was pretty confident that I was going to pass the exam, but once the results came in the grade was not that appealing. 11. What is Dr. Chew’s advice to you? His advice to me is to make time to study, block all of the distractions, so I can have enough time to learn the topic. 5. Watch the YouTube Video How to Get the Most of Studying Part 4
a. Explain how to use question generation. Question generation is generating question over the material for example questions that compare and contrast.
b. Explain the use of concept maps. (Remember this we used this for our personal goals) Nodes and links helps you process information quickly.
c. How should you practice retrieving information. By practicing recalling without referring to notes and by using the information.
d. What are the three functions of note taking? The three functions are provide key summary, create a set of memory cues, and engages you in the class. Go to the Textbook Learning Center Student Edition. Select Chapter 5, select Worksheets for Chapter 5 (last selection under More Resources). Copy and paste Career Development Portfolio to your Chapter 5 file. Complete the Career Development Portfolio. Save. CAREER DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO LISTENING AND NOTE TAKING IN THE WORKPLACE Write how you will demonstrate the listed listening and note-taking skills for future employers. 1. Finding meaning and interest in new information and projects by asking questions _________________________________________________________________ 2. Showing interest and being prepared being ready for anything and participating ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Listening attentively
_by not getting distracted _____________________________________________________________________ 4. Observing and asking questions _by always asking question and observing my surroundings__ ___________________________________________________________________ 5. Acquiring information reading and studying ______________________________________________________________________ 6. Thinking through issues being a critical thinker ______________________________________________________________________ 7. Organizing information and taking good notes _by listening well _____________________________________________________________________ 8. Staying alert and in the present _not letting anything distract me and focus on paying attention _____________________________________________________________________ 9. Being willing to test new strategies and learn new methods _be able to open to new learning styles _____________________________________________________________________ 10. Practicing attentive listening and note taking again and again By participating in more lectures and writing down everything you hear ______________________________________________________________________ 11. Teaching effective methods to others First mastering effective methods and then sharing your experience to others ______________________________________________________________________ 6. 7. Submission: Go to Chapter Assignments. Select Chapter 5. Click on Chapter 5 Instructions & Submission. Scroll down past the Submission box to Attach File. Click on Browse My Computer. Select and attach the file to upload. Once the File appears under Attach File, Scroll down and click to submit. 8. Go to the Chapter 5 Discussion and respond to the prompt.…...

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