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Did Cantina Make the Correct Decision in Regarding Burritos as a New Product Concept for the Australian Market Place? What Could Cantina Have Done Differently to Expand Its Market? Justify Your Answers.

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Did Cantina make the correct decision in regarding burritos as a new product concept for the Australian market place? What could Cantina have done differently to expand its market? Justify your answers.

Cantina Burritos’ is a new introduced product in the Australian marketplace that launched its range of frozen burritos. Cantina has evidently made the correct decision in regarding burritos as a new product concept as it had a competitive advantage that ultimately transformed it into a new and exciting concept. This was done through the new development process such as idea generation and product development through extensive taste testing, to build a consumer base (Armstrong et al. 2010). However in justification to the correct decision, Cantina Burritos also could of done other things differently to help expand its market in the long run such as strategies involving the expansion of the product that would ultimately impact on the future strategy of its market.

Cantina’s new product development process started with the assumption that frozen Mexican food was non-existent in Australia, therefore there was an instant opening in the new product category (Armstrong et al. 2010). Frozen and easily prepared foods complimented with the pies, pasties and sausage rolls market (Armstrong et al. 2010). Cantina therefore wanted to ensure that people related to and indentified with the product, and ensured it met various tastes and diets in order to prove the need for the new product in the market place. This was ultimately achieved through vivid packaging and test marketing towards a wider variety on consumer groups that is “new-to-world” and add a note of excitement for customers (Barrows and Powers 2009). The frozen burritos’ was evidently the correct decision for the Australian marketplace as it was a new and exciting product.

Moreover, what Cantina could of done…...

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