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Differences in Education

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Education Differences Between ADN and BSN
Sherrie Sanchez
Grand Canyon University
August 14, 2013

Education difference between ADN and BSN
There is an increased focus in nursing to obtain a baccalaureate degree in nursing prior to entering the field. Many employers are requiring that an entry level nurse have their BSN degree. Employers are seeking out magnet status. In order to obtain this elite status they must have a high ratio of advanced degree nurses with their BSN or higher. The evidence behind having more nurses educated at a higher level is patient centered care. The differences in education between an associate degree nurse and a baccalaureate prepared nurse will be looked at thru this paper. The second item that will be addressed in this paper is how the care for patients differs between the ADN and BSN prepared nurse.
Differences in education
A person wants to go to school for nursing but are overwhelmed with a decision does this person obtain an associate’s degree in nursing or continue on further for a baccalaureate degree prior to entering the field of chosen study. This dilemma has been debated on for many years. The obvious difference between the two educations is the length of study. Both are able to sit for the same board exam the NCLEX at the end of study and they are both technically skilled for an entry level position. One may think then that there is really no difference in education other then the last three letters behind their name. The baccalaureate student not only studies for a longer period of time but there is an emphasis on evidence-base clinical practice and leadership within the curriculum. Numerous research studies have showed that the skill between ADN and BSN competency upon graduation, however, within a year the BSN nurse shows greater critical thinking skills, better problem solving, and the development of clinical…...

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