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Case study: Diesel for successful living

Marketing Basics of

Diesel is an Italian casual wear company, it was founded by Renzo Rosso and best known for its cult Diesel jeans and ironic advertising. Diesel targeted people with a teenage-spirited lifestyle, mostly, focused on 16 to 25 years old. The slogan “Diesel for Successful Living” and the “D” logos are always written on Diesel’s campaigns. The licensed products including Diesel shades, shoes, time frames, fragrances and cosmetics, writing tools, and jewelry.
Diesel brand image is quite different from the other fashion brands like Armani Jeans and Levi’s. Diesel focuses on values such as freedom, global outlook, creativity, and thoughtfulness, and the iconic brand core values of rebelliousness, irony and irreverence have been transformed into a unique campaign characterized by innovative and creative design.
Before the innovation of StyleLab in 1998, the brand portfolio of Diesel consisted of three main product lines: D-Diesel, Diesel Kids, and 55DSL. D-Diesel was the core business line, it mainly focus on denim and the products were characterized by very high quality and durability. The Diesel Kids line was targeted at young people who did not want to be treated like kids. The 55DSL line was targeted at sportswear collection. However, StyleLab, as a new line, was decided to enter the new and attractive market of high casual wear, and focus on people between 25 to 34 years old.
The market position
The Diesel brand has one of the leading market positions on the jeans clothing market. It is internationally sold, middle class oriented brand with the long history of development. In 1985 Renzo Rosso bought the company and turned Diesel from a simple jeans label into the major fashion brand. Diesel won a lot of advertising industry awards including «Advertizer of the Year» at…...

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