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Studying this chapter should enable you to: • understand the meaning and purpose of data collection; • distinguish between primary and secondary sources; • know the mode of collection of data; • distinguish between Census and Sample Surveys; • be familiar with the techniques of sampling; • know about some important sources of secondary data.

1. I N T R O D U C T I O N

h T lis R b E u C p N re © e b o t t chapter, you will study the sources of data and the mode of data collection. The purpose of collection of data is to collect evidence for reaching a sound and clear solution to a problem. In economics, you often come across a statement like, “After many fluctuations the output of food grains rose to 176 million tonnes in 1990–91 and 199 million tonnes in 1996–97, but fell to 194 million tonnes in 1997–98. Production of food grains then rose continuously and touched 212 million tonnes in 2001–02.” In this statement, you can observe that the food grains production in different years does not remain the same. It varies from year to year and from crop to crop. As these values

Collection of Data

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In the previous chapter, you have read about what is economics. You also studied about the role and importance of statistics in economics. In this

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vary, they are called variable. The variables are generally represented by the letters X, Y or Z. The values of these variables are the observation. For example, suppose the food grain production in India varies between 100 million tonnes in 1970–71 to 220 million tonnes in 2001–02 as shown in the following table. The years are represented by variable X and the production of food grain in India (in million tonnes) is represented by variable Y:
TABLE 2.1 Production of Food Grain in India (Million Tonnes) X Y






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