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The Planet of Aliens
An alien is what we know to be something that is not native to planet earth, also known as an extraterrestrial life form. Although I do not believe that the green, one-eyed, Hollywood-influenced alien exists, I do believe that there are living organisms on other planets in this universe. The universe is so large that it is next to impossible to be able to examine every aspect of it, as we are still discovering new species here on earth.
I do not believe that Aliens have not come to our planet; however, I do believe that there is life on other planets. As Joshua Kennon once wrote:
Add in the possibility of multiple, or even infinite dimensions, which means entire civilizations could exist on a planet like Earth right alongside us without us knowing it, throw in the nature of time and time travel as it interacts with gravitational forces like black holes, and the concept exceeds the human mind’s ability to grasp. (Kennon)
I agree with Kennon because if there are billions of stars in the universe, there has to be one relatively similar to that of the sun, and also a planet revolving around it the same distance away as earth is to the sun. Due to this assumption, there must be some planet somewhere with conditions similar to those of earth. I do not believe that in our solar system there is one however because the planets that are in our system are either too far or too close to the sun for life to be maintained. In another solar system there must be a planet that resembles the living conditions of earth such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, oxygen levels, atmosphere conditions. There are also many scientific studies that show that indeed there is some type of life on another planet. NASA chief Ellen Stofan stated “"I think we're going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we're going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years," (Leopold) If NASA scientists are setting dates on when they will have proof to share with the public, then it is likely that they already have some evidence and know that there is something else out there.
I feel that the “Aliens” on another planet may not be humans but could be per say very well adapted microorganisms. It could be possible that the “aliens” evolved before us making them that much more advanced, or perhaps evolved after us making them much less evolved. However, we will never know if any of this is the case, unless we can unveil a way to travel to different planets outside our Solar System and explore them. Maybe these “aliens”, in their world, even have the cure to deathly diseases, or the answers to global issues.

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