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Don't Afraid to Ask

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What I learned from this course is “don’t be afraid to ask”. I found this is a great technique when I utilized it for one of my project, it was a proposal to require the change of company managements. Before I starting to write my proposal I had been asking myself several times that “whether I should bring up the issues to my supervisor and requested for changes.” What if I bring up the idea to him and ask his opinion, he did like my idea because the project requires all departments to participate? On the other hand, I was concerned when he turn down my idea because he did not like me to point out the company issues and these are the issues that he had aware for a long time. When I learned about “don’t be afraid to ask” and “ask the question” in class, I decided to give it a try. I was a little uncertain when I walked in my supervisor’s office, but I remember Dr. Edward mentioned in class that “if you do not try it, you might never get the answer.” This helped me to build the confident when I was in my supervisor’s office, I started to ask the right questions and then layout my idea clearly to him. I was surprised he was interesting to see the change for the company and requested me to submit a proposal. Finally my proposal got approved.

From this experience, I realized that sometime I need to try and “don’t be afraid to ask”; it’s true that I never get my answer if I don’t try to ask. However, when be sure to understand your…...

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