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1. A population is a whole group of individuals in a particular area or setting that a particular study pertains to. All men in America who drive Fords could be considered a population for a study on what men prefer to drive in America.
2. A sample is a smaller group taken from a population for study that represents the population in question. An example of a sample would be 20 ducks taken from the pond mentioned previously.
3. Samples relate to population because a sample is taken from a population to represent it in a study or research. Once the study is completed, the information is used as a generalization for the population as a whole. A parameter is a attribute, like the average height of a basketball team that is used to describe a population. On the flip side, a statistic is an attribute used to describe a sample, like the average score of a group that was taken from the previous mentioned population would be a statistic.
4. All of the people who suffer from schizophrenia would be considered a population.
5. A group of people who are in a study of schizophrenia would be a sample.
6. The population I’m interested in would be all the first graders in a state. The sample would use to study would be all the first graders in a given city.
7. The population being drawn from would be anyone who had depression. The sample would be the people with depression chosen from the population and are broken up into four smaller groups. The independent variable is the different doses of medication given to the subject groups and the placebo given to the fourth group. The dependent variable would be the different reactions to the given treatment each person got for their group and the results. This would be measured by how the subjects felt compared to how much medication they were given. This experiment would be considered a true experiment because…...

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