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Duggars and Kardashians

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Introduction The two shows, 19 Kids and Counting and the Kardashians are two reality shows that are aired in the United States. Reality shows are meant to show the real side of the celebrities or the people whom the audience admires. They become popular because people believe that the celebrities are showing the true side of their personality in the reality, whereas they are not. Well, this is a heated debate as to whether the real side of the personalities is shown or not, it is out of the scope of this paper to discuss this debate. This paper will only compare and contrast these two reality shows.

Discussion 19 kids and counting is a reality show that includes the Duggar family. The family appeared in a number of TLCs and also in the Discovery Health serial which is aired for an hour. In Discovery Health, mostly Michelle’s deliveries were covered. Jim and Michelle and husband and wife and have 19 kids till now. When Michelle gave birth to her first child, she and Jim decided to use contraceptives and take precautions because they didn’t want another child so early. Even after the use of contraceptives, Michelle conceived and gave birth to twins. This is when the couple decided that they would not use contraceptives again and will be happy with God’s will. The Duggar family is religious and says that whatever God will grant them, they will be happy with the same. The reality show is about the life of the Duggars as to how they live together with so many children and how they are able to manage them with such ease. The couple expects to have more babies and says that they do not know how many children God will gift them in the coming years. On the other hand, Kardashians is a reality show about the Kardashian and Jenner family. This show is about the lives of the people who live in the same house. This is a show that is completely opposite to 19 kids and counting. It is about how the family has evolved over the six years, as it is the sixth season of the show. The family is rich and has enough money to support themselves and the family. The daughters of the family are not happy with their parents and the parents are not happy with their daughter’s girlfriends. This show promotes nothing but vulgarity. There is no point of airing such a show where the family does not care about each other. There is only thing that binds them, and that is money. The family has loads and loads of money which is also one reason why no one cares about the other and they are into bad activities. 19 kids and counting is a more sophisticated show that promotes love within the family and shows that even though the family is growing, the love and the bond between them is intact. Kardashian is bad show that does not send any positive or good message.

Conclusion The two shows discussed in the paper are completely opposite. Kardashian has been accused of being scripted, but the members of the show have made it clear that it is not. Reality shows that only have some meaning and message should be aired.…...

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