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Following are a few dummy doubts created by us, just to see how you will handle student's queries, before giving you an access of doubts on Toppr
• Option shown in bold is the correct option visible to students. It might not be correct sometimes. So, while answering doubts, please check the question and option very carefully • Answer the doubt only when you understand the doubt completely.
• Please note all the doubts should be up to the point and very well explained.
• You can write your responses in a ‘Word Doc’ file and send it back with this PDF on ___________________________________________________________________
Question 1:

Doubt: Why not option B is the answer?
Your response-

Question 2:

Doubt: Please explain with a detailed solution.
Your response-

Question 3:

Doubt: How concentration become 8 times if volume is half and concentration is doubled?
Your response-

Question 4:

Doubt: Please give solution if same is in acidic medium.
Your response-

Question 5:

Doubt: Why is SnCl4 more covalent than all others?
Your response-

Question 6:

Doubt: Electrical neutrality should be there, so answer should be 14. Please explain me how the answer is 13?
Your response-

Question 7:

Doubt: Why not the answer is ZnS and Ag2S?
Your response-

Question 8:

Doubt: How option B is correct? Please give proper explanation.
Your response-

Question 9:

Doubt: Option d is also right as LiCl is covalent in nature, hence it should be a poor conductor of electricity in molten state.
Your response-

Question 10:

Doubt: The JEE Main have officially claimed that the answer for this question is option "B",
i.e., Group 17 and period 6. 

Can you please re-confirm, as I need to challenge the same since I had also opted for the same answer as mention by you.

Your response-…...

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