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I recently received a parking citation in the mail for parking in a red zone on 03-10-14, at 09:17 P.M. that I would like to contest.

I was brought aware of the parking citation through the mail only per 40202 (D) VC. The parking attendant never put the parking citation on the Vehicle and never made contact with me at all advising me of a parking violation so I never knew about the issuing of the citation until I received a notice in the mail.

On 03-10-14 I was working as driver for the company Uber in the city of Santa Monica. Uber is a ridesharing company that allows people to request for a ride somewhere like a taxi. The drivers use their personal vehicles to pick up and transport the clients wherever they need to go. That evening I was using my personal vehicle (6AND311 Nissan Altima) in the performance of my duty for the Uber company.

On 03-10-14, at 9:14:39 P.M., I received a ride request from a client. I was a couple blocks away from the location of pick up (near 500 Santa Monica Bl). It is my common practice when I receive a ride request to pull to the side of the road and map out the route to get to the pick up location, which I did. Uber gives you a phone with a map gps system that gives you an icon of where the client is. You are supposed to drive to that exact location because that is where the client is supposed to be. So after I mapped out the route to the gps icon I drove to the location. I was flagged down by the client at the exact location the gps gave me. I arrived at the gps location of my client on 03-10-14, at just after 9:17 P.M. (the time it would take me to arrive at the location from when I first received it at 9:14:39 pm). I pulled to the side of the road where my client was standing exiting traffic and attempted to look for a safe place to stop my veh. There were cars around me and traffic was still moving so I was waiting for a safe opportunity to move my veh without causing a traffic collision. Before I was able to move my veh, the client entered the veh.

Once the client was already in the veh, I just waited for traffic to clear so I could remerge into traffic safely. As soon as traffic was clear I merged into traffic and began my trip with the passenger. My meter shows beginning the trip at 9:18 pm.

At no point did I ever park and leave me veh in a red zone. I only exited traffic looking for parking spot but had the client enter the veh before there was time allotted to find a place to park. The only people that were out of the veh waiting were the passengers I was picking up. I believe that the parking attendant misread the situation and believed that the passengers where the R/O of the veh but that was incorrect.

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The time from me receiving the request to respond to 500 Santa Monica Bl to me leaving that address was 3 min and 21 seconds. Now when I received the request I was still a couple minutes away from 500 Santa Monica Bl. I didn’t arrive to the location until 9:17, and the meter began and I left the location by 9:18 at the most giving me 60 seconds at that location. This is still within a reasonable time to attempt to safely look for parking while waiting for traffic to accommodate. In this situation however I was not parking but only picking up a client in the performance of my duties.

Based on all of these facts I request that this Citation be dismissed.

I have attached all the supporting documents from the Uber website supporting the times and information of the job I was performing at the time.

Thank you for your time,

Brian Zeier…...

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