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Executive Summary
CCResort is a recently opened holiday resort and spa facility on the Central Coast of NSW, which was opened by the international hotels and resorts group, DGHG. The goal of the resort is to position the resort as an “upmarket” complex that appeals to families through providing a range of facilities and activities. The establishment of this resort and its facilities was to generate considerable revenue over and above the accomodation charges.
The aim of this report is to investigate the types of customers, length of their stay and their expenditure, over and above accomodation charges, from a random sample of 200 families who have stayed at CCResort. There are two key performance indicators that the Resort is aiming to meet: I. More than 40% of their customers stay for a full week II. The average customer spends more than $255 per day in excess of accomodation
Through the statistical analysis of the sample provided to the Business Analytics Department (BAD), the first performance indicator is already being met, however the resort is failing to meet their second indicator.
The major variable that needs to be analysed when looking at the types of people attracted to CCResort is the number of people in the booking party. The key features of the number of people in the booking party can be seen in Table 1, below.
Table 1: Key features of number of people Mean | 3.51 | Standard Deviation | 1.31 | Mode | 4 | Median | 4 | Max | 6 | Min | 2 |
As seen in the table the mean number of people is 3.51 and the mode and median are 4, this reveals that CCResort are attracting small families. The minimum and maxiumum of 2 and 6 respectively also conveys how they are attracting a very small range of parties. This could be due to the range of activities they have like boat and bike hire, which is very accommodating for a family…...

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