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1-Just administrative action -The Bill of Rights states that each individual has the right to administrative action that is fair, reasonable and acceptable, and an individual has not been treated fairly in this regard he/she has the right to receive written reasons for this treatment. Suspending a learner must be done in a fair and acceptable manner.
2-Education-This section states that each learner has the right to basic education and suspending a learner may not discriminate and take away this right of the individual in an unfair manner
3-Access to information-The learner has the right to have all the information they need regarding his or her suspension.IT may not be kept from the learner whatever the case.
Human dignity-The suspension may not degrade the learner’s human dignity whatsoever. The suspension may not take away the learners right to human dignity.
Freedom and security of the person-The suspension may not limit the learner’s freedom unfairly.
The learner still has the right to being safe from any harm by anyone. He/ she may not be punished in any unlawful way
Professional ethics in educati0n is the actions and behaviour of educators, these actions and behaviour is based on certain morals. Beliefs and principles. A person with a set of values and norms and principles who is qualified in education in the teaching profession. It is the professional, proper way of behaving as an educator based on moral beliefs and principles.IT is the morals and principles that guide people in education and directs their professional…...

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