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Edible Oils

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Dalda promises to offer its consumers “The Same Pure Taste and Quality” savored by generations of Indians.

Due to unique Brand Elements of Dalda , it continues to reign in its own category. It continues to be most trusted cooking medium and remains in the top five brands in its space. Brand Expression (Green Palm Tree signifying freshness ) and Emotional Connect (Trust and Tradition ) are the two basic brand element of the product.

Delivering Brand promise starts with a commitment from our leaders Business CEO is leading this and has secured the commitment from his Executive Leadership Team. We design a program for the long term. The brand will be reflected in everything we do – our products, services, environments and communication. The brand will be reinforced in other people programs, i.e. reward and recognition.

The brand provides clarity about what we can offer and therefore makes it easier for our customers to make an informed decision when they consider Dalda amongst alternatives. If we live up to our brand promise, we deliver higher standards consistently to the customer.

In Bunge, delivering brand promise is an organization wide ongoing process. The brand and brand promise is linked to job descriptions , training programs and evaluations.
We have developed an effective brand education program that goes into detail about the brand’s position, personality, promise and benefits. If the brand was built on customer and employee insight, we share that insight with employees so they understand how the brand promise was developed and how it reflects the company’s reputation both internally and externally. We understand that employees can’t deliver on the brand promise if they don’t understand what it is, and their role in delivering the promise through their work every day.
We have also created an internal cross-functional "Brand Team.” We make…...

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