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Six event elements Italian Heritage Festival The purpose of the Italian heritage festival convention is to help familiarize the group of 50 meeting planners with our festival and how things are done. The festival is held every year as a huge festival that really serves as a family reunion. Traditions, parades, food, and stories are what draw most of the crowd to this event. The anticipation for this event is always exciting! We send out brochures, cards, letters, and emails to our out of town friends and relatives to make them aware of the upcoming annual festival. The same is also sent to our past entertainers to invite them back with the option of entertaining us again. Although, we completely understand if they do not wish to do so again, but encourage them to come back and enjoy the festival anyways. We of course always keep out website up to date with pictures, next year’s date, a chance to design a brochure cover art and some activities to get our “family” ready for the upcoming action! Reservations and such are planned way in advance. So for the 50 meeting planners, and other guests, their hotel and travel accommodations’ are already planned before they arrive. For the particular group of 50 coming, we have planned to show them our top spots and hotels for the formal dinners and Galas we have planned for this festival. In our city, we only have a few select hotels and banquet rooms that could accommodate our size for these events. These hotels that we will first show are, Days Inn, Sleep Inn, Hilton, Hampton, and Sutton Inns. We also have big banquet halls at, Bell Meadows, Village Square, Bridgeport Conference center, 4-H center, and Country Clubs. * side note- Security, maps, and transportation for these planners and special guest are available when requested. The atmosphere of this event varies from each place you attend for this festival. If you are joining us for pre banquets, the main Gala, or anything of that nature, plan to be in a climate controlled area indoors. These indoor areas also include, dance floor space, seating (both formal and informal) dinning, suitable restroom facilities, catered or home cooked meals, (this is an Italian festival you could only imagine the great home cooked meals it will bring!), and wonderful traditional colors and decorations. The main festival on the other hand is outside. This event is normally held on Main Street, where the street is closed for the four day weekend for this to take place. There are two stages for entertainment, vendors of food and clothing and nik naks along both sides of the streets. Restrooms are port a potties and inside local stores during their normal business hours. Lights are strung all along the streets to give the effect of being in the streets of Italy under the stars, and plenty of places to eat, drink and dance! The 50 planners will come to the festival during the main attraction times each day and other times as they please. The main times are for the opening parade, crowning of the Regina Maria, local performers, etc. Other times can include night time for dinning, drinks, live entertainment and of course more dancing! Appetite, amenities, and activities are all about this festival. Come hungry when you come to any of the attractions or main dinners during this festival. Italians know how to cook and make you full! Whether you want spaghetti, pizza, hoagies, fritis, cannolis, fresh bread, wine, beer, we have it all! There are plenty of activities for young, teens, and adults. There is a kid’s stage and kids zone, shopping for the teens, shopping for the adults and of course fine wine and dancing! After the festival is over, you will have the memories, pictures, gifts you bought as keep sakes, and of course the “food baby belly” from all the food you ate over the weekend to last you until next year. Don’t worry just because the tour and the festival are over doesn’t mean we forgot about the 50 meeting planners, they still are not done. There of course is always the part afterwards about going over what we could change, cleaning up, and of course making sure each person leaves here happy and safe.…...

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