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Social Studies today is very different than it what was years ago. I remember when I was back in elementary school it was a subject that I did not look forward to having. It could have been because I just did not find it interesting or because the teacher did not make it interesting enough. Before it was all taught by textbooks and students would find it to be a very boring subject but now in the modern world with the use of different technology Social Studies has become a subject that many students enjoy. When learning Social Studies students are actually able to feel as if they are there at that particular time in history. Looking at the Arizona Social Studies Standards and interviewing a Social Studies teacher is has become clear to me that this is an entailed subject and can now understand and appreciate how it has improved over the years.
In looking at the Arizona standards it is evident that there is a large amount of material to be cover in such a short time period. In the elementary schools the subject periods are only 45 minutes long. American History is covered in the first five strands as well as other concepts such as early civilization Pre 1500, exploration and colonization, revolution and the Civil War reconstruction and many others. Within each concept there are multiple objectives which are broken down into specific activities like creating charts or timelines. The second strand consists of such topics as World History, research skills, early civilization, the revolution and the world at war. The third strand covers the foundation of Civics and Government, structure and how the government works, rights, Citizenship and the Governmental System. The fourth strand evolves Geography, regions, the environment, society and its changes. The fifth strand covers economics and its foundation as well as personal finances. Each strand contains a detailed overview of what students are expected to know and learn.
After reviewing these standards it has become evident that even t…...

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