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Transforming the Marketing Organization
Despite much interest concerning marketing function very little research exists on marketing organization. The marketing organization is a feature of marketing campaigns and plans. It is organizational model that allows you to outline how your business structures duties in its marketing undertakings. Marketing is a key department in every company for sustained growth in the industry.
The Traditional Model.
Research has shown that leading consumer-products companies have their marketing organizations with similar structure (Novacek et al., 2012). The (CMO) chief marketing officer is the head of the org chart, he/she is the main policy maker to the organization’s marketing strategy as well as product portfolio. The portfolio is divided then into separate lines of the trade on the basis of product type or consumer need.
New models.
Elastic Organization Features and practices.
Marketing Operations professionals manage the complex marketing duties, optimizing customer experiences in the product, hypothesis testing, and IT integration (Modern Marketing Partners, 2014). Elastic model allows for adding functions effortlessly as the business’s product mix develops. Product Marketing Managers control most of the marketing org. Culture Organization Features and practices.
Everything in this model based on merit. Titles hold no meaning. The aim of marketing is to spread the culture in the product distribution, and marketing assets create awareness and adoption.
In the light of ever-changing technology and business landscape in addition to fierce competition from business rivals every now there is need to continue being inventive in marketing. Companies are faced with the choice of either sticking to old marketing models and fade out or take the bold step and…...

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