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Mustafa AL-Tooq


A full-time Consultant & Professional Trainer in Occupational Safety and Health & Training with Al Mashreq- a holder of MBA in SHRM, B.Sc. Business Admin., Diploma in Business Mgt. Diploma in MS Windows Applications and a tremendous number of OSH-related certificates and awards and P.hD. degree is being studies meanwhile.

Has an experience of 20 years in the field of airline, operation, quality, OSH, SHRM, Sales, Customer Services, training and teaching as he worked at various positions like Consultant, Manager, Assistant Manager, Supervisor, Operation Officer, Quality Controller, Safety Officer, academic Instructor/lecturer, teacher and professional trainer. During the previous career, he has been engaged extensively in the investigation of OSH incidents and have competently conducted risk assessments and OSH meetings; demonstrating superb investigation and inspection skills.

With regard to OSH and soft skills fields, he is an OSHAcademy training director, approved professional trainer with NEBOSH, CIEH, IOSH, OSHAcademy, and ICM. Also, he developed many training programmes materials and conducted a huge number of courses with City & Guilds, ILM, Pitman, IPM and Direct English (DE). Moreover, he has creative contributions in writing professional essays, for instance, awarding an outstanding evaluation in his last article, so called (Hierarch of Control Measures) published on 16/01/2016 by HSE Press Journal which is a subsidiary of Geigle Safety Group, Inc. Furthermore, he provides technical and curriculum inputs for the development, implementation, and modification of occupational safety and health training programs, services and systems; and identifies safety and health needs in the marketplace that can be satisfied with existing consulting/training…...

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...tells the story of the life of a middle-class Filipino family who, over the space of a decade, become aware of the political policies that have ultimately led to repression and a state of Martial law in the Philippines. Filipina actress Vilma Santos stars as Amanda, who realizes the implications of living within a dictatorship after sorting out the contradictory reactions of her husband and five sons. Her husband (Julian), played by Filipino actor, Christopher de Leon, supports his eldest son's (Jules), played by Filipino actor, Piolo Pascual; efforts to rail against the government while refusing to follow Amanda's wish to find a job. Her second son (Gani), played by Filipino actor, Carlos Agassi, is in the United States Navy. Her third son (Eman), played by Filipino actor, Marvin Augustin, writes illegal political exposes. The fourth son (Jason), played by Filipino actor, Danilo Barrios fell victim to a corrupt police department, and her youngest son named (Bingo), played by Filipino actor, John W. Sace, is still a boy. [edit] Cast * Christopher de Leon - Julian Bartolome Sr. * Piolo Pascual - Julian "Jules" Bartolome Jr. * Marvin Agustin - Emmanuel "Em" Bartolome * Carlos Agassi - Isagani "Gani" Bartolome * Danilo Barrios - Jason Bartolome * John Wayne Sace - Benjamin "Bingo" Bartolome * Kris Aquino - Student Leader * Ana Capri - Mara * Dimples Romana - Evelyn * Jhong Hilario - Willy * Carlo Muñoz - Rene * Tirso Cruz III -......

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