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Emotional, Behavioral and Physical Disabilities

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Angela Ayers
June 24, 2016

Emotional, Behavioral and Physical Disabilities Teachers have great expectations for their students while in their classroom. There are many classrooms that have a few students with a disability or disorder that cause them in misbehave or act inappropriately, which can cause them to fall behind in many areas. Learning can be difficult at times and failure is a part of this and is this is an important part of learning. Failure can be meet with motivation to achieve better next time, and encouraging students to strive on. When teachers understand a disorder and the tools needed to help these students they will have the ability to make differences in student's lives. Teachers need to have a clear understanding of each and every child that attends class and this includes those with various disorders and disabilities. Teachers have many responsibilities such ad the children's expectations, of peacemaker, disciplinarian, and educator. Not only these, but knowing the correct strategies to fulfill what is expected of them. Disabilities such as physical, other health impairments and brain trauma are a few of the disabilities that teachers need an abundant amount of knowledge in for the success of the student, and not just the disabled students. Students with disabilities may have a wide range of physical or other health impairments from academic success to social skills and the teachers understanding of these and the lack in which the students has is important in order for success with the child and their future. Teachers need to be able to know how to deal with each child and their disability appropriately in order for the student to gain the necessary tools needed. Having an effective strategy can be important with more than just the academic part of this as well. As teachers the need to have an understanding of effective…...

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