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P1 & P2 Assignment: Mayflower Theatre

Brief History of the Mayflower
The mayflower is a theatre in Southampton that was built in the early 1920’s and in that time has seen 23 prime ministers, wars and most surprisingly England win the world cup. Previously named the almond they renamed it the Mayflower in 1986 as they thought it regarded the preforming arts more suitably. They are a theatre that hires preforming groups to perform at their theatre, they make their money through ticket sales, which can be a high revenue business considering their biggest hall has a capacity of 2300 people and tickets can price up to and over £100 each. This is just one of the ways that they make money from their service, they also provide products such as refreshments, food, and performance merchandise and as it is a ‘opportunist market’ as people are forced to pay big money as they are the only food/merchandise sales within the theatre.
Human Resources
Human resources is department or support responsible for sourcing and employing, They do things such as application review, skills development and performance tracking, promotion administration and makes sure government regulations involving employment are being upheld, for any job interview there will be a ‘personal specification’, a job description as well as a deadline for the applicants.
Specific Human resources for the mayflower theatre, Recruitment is vital they need to be sure they are hiring the correct person who is correctly qualified and trained in the specific area, for example chefs need to be trained to correctly prepare the dishes they will be preparing as well as checking that they are available for the hours that are needed. Human resources are responsible for making sure contracts with employees are issued and make sure that the contract is specific and covers all duties they will be expecting…...

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