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Employees and Changes

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Employees and Change

We do always feel worried whenever there is a change , it’s an uncontrolled emotional reaction to feel unsafe and lost , because simply we are moving into something new that have no fixed result , it is just statistical studies typed behind our computer’s screen

Organizational changes takes place in 2 opposite methods, the first one is the result of successful transactions and the willing to maintain this success into bigger one, the other method is the result of failing , In other words it is the dramatic plan for any organization and this takes place when there is a big loss or at least a negative workflow ..

Each organization should take into consideration that its will to change may motivate or destroy her human resources, those who design the biggest percentage of each organization’s factors.. as much as the organization have a successful plans and ideas , those last will not be effective unless there is a good team and a professional leaders , so that’s why it is so important to know how to market the new changes within the employees.

I passed through 2 different change situations, each in a different company, the first was so successful but the other was pathetic and it leads to a big loss.. I used to work in an entertainment company that has a biggest cinemas chain in the Middle East. I used to work in Lebanon ‘s management office, we were about 12 employees , 9 were above the age of 35 and the rest younger .. 3 of those 9 employees was holding the marketing department positions , and that was the reason of the traditional trailers and banners , all are the same , straight to the point with no creativity , after 2 years of my employment , the management took decision to recruit 2 additional employees to the marketing department to handle the positions of social media and graphic designer , the must was to be young with no previous…...

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