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Lille Aflevering, 2f #1

Date of submission – see Lectio.

Answer these four tasks:

1. These sentences contain one mistake each. Find them and write the correct sentence. Then use your grammar book to try to explain in Danish what the mistake is.

a. She was so sorry that she had already throwed it away. – She was so sorry that she had already threw it away (Fordi det i er 1 pers. sg. datid.)

b. Hemingway’s famous novel The Sun Also Rises is telling the story about Americans in Europe. - Hemingway's famous novel The Sun Also Rises tells a story about Americans i Europe. Ingen udvidet tid.

c. Unless someone shows up, has she to do it herself. – Unless someone shows up, she has to do it herself. (Ordstilling)

d. This test is extremely hardly. – This test is extremely hard. (extremely lægger sig til udsagnsordet + kun et ord i en sætning kan ende på +ly)

e. She saw not the horse before it hit her, sending her head first into the lake. – She didn’t see the horse before it hit her, sending her head first into the lake. (do omskrivning)

f. Everyone in the class always participate in the activities. – Everyone in the class always participates in the activities. (flertals S)

2. Explain the difference in meaning between these two sentences – and use grammatical terms to describe the difference between them. Write your answer in Danish.

a. He says so many interesting things which fascinate me - Det at han kan sige så mange ting, gør det fascinerende.

b. He says so many interesting things which fascinates me - Alle de ting han siger er fascinerende. Fascinates ligger sig til "he says" i 3 pers. sing.

3. Translate these sentences to English. Use dictionary and grammar rules.

a. Tom Hanks har tænkt meget på, at hans hår i The Da Vinci Code var alt for langt. – Tom Hanks has thought about, the fact that his hair in The Da Vinci Code was way too long.

b. Billen var i gang med at æde et stykke franskbrød, da Barney ramte den. – The beetle was eating a peace of white loaf, when Barny hit it.

c. Ironman lagde sig ned på maven og krøb ind i den smalle hule. – Ironman lay down on his stomach, and snuggled into the narrow cave.

d. Skulpturen lignede borgmesterens fætter. - The sculpture looked like the mayors cousin.

e. Hun havde ikke regnet med at få lige præcis den nyhed. – She didn’t expect that she would get that exact news.

f. De, der deltog i mødet, havde meget mere at sige, end de, der ikke gjorde. – Those who participated in the meeting, had a lot more to say, than those, who didn’t.

g. Sumobryderen viste sig at være i stand til at spise ekstremt hurtigt. The Sumo wrestler showed, that he was capable of eating extremely fast.

4. Read the text below – the opening of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Then describe FIVE aspects of the style and language of the extract – giving examples from the text to support your analysis. Do not interpret or read between the lines – only describe. Characterize the language used – in five points. Write about 150 words. Write your answer in Danish. For example, look at:

• vocabulary (word choice (simple/complicated), use of word classes), mood (tone of voice) etc.

• syntax and sentence structure: location of sentence parts (subjects, verbals (nexus), conjunctions etc.), main clauses (hovedsætninger), subordinated clauses (ledsætninger), sentence length, punctuation etc.

Det er et meget rodet sprog. Ordene passer ikke til hinanden, da de ikke er bøjet i de rigtige grader f.eks. "I had been and am". Stemningen i teksten er en smule spændingsfuldt. Det ser vi i starten hvor der står "nervous - very, very dreadfully nervous I had been..". Men på en måde så er teksten også en smule anspændt. Det kan vi se i teksten hvor der står: "the disease had sharpened my senses - not destroyed - not dulled them". Nexus er ikke kun ligefrem eller omvendt. Det veksler meget om det skal være det ene eller det andet. Sætningerne er meget lange, da der stort set ikke er brugt nogle kommaer. og når der endelig kommer et punktum eller et ophold i teksten, så er det efter lang tid. Så for at opsummere, så er det en meget kringlet tekst, uden nogle specifik syntaks. Stemningen er en anelse dyster og anspændt.

Elevtid: 2 timer.

”TRUE! – nervous – very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses – not destroyed - not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How, then, am I mad? Hearken! and observe how healthily – how calmly I can tell you the whole story.
Edgar Allan Poe, ”The Tell-Tale Heart”…...

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Su ma dre le pre gunta: “¿Có mo era? ¿Qu é le d ijo?” Elena:
 N o muc ho, só lo qu e yo so y m uy com petente, pero e llos hab larán c on 50 otr as. ¡Es im posible! Car men y yo he mos habla do d e ir a Noru ega.
 La ma dre: So is tonte ares. Yo n o qui ero que via jéis. Voso tras no sap éis na da so bre el pa ís. El hi jo de l ve cino con oce un a chi ca que tra baja en Ver gen. No e s fác il. Del B La situ ación d e Ye sica y Ana stasio es m uy proble mática. N o tie nen tra bajo o alo jam iento en Esp aña, aun que acab an a i r a Es paña de sde Gre cia porq ue crey eron q ue ha y má s traba jo. Pe ro Esp aña n o ha y tr abajo a ca usa de la cris is econó mica. Aho ra h an bus cado trab ajo ca da dí a pe ro sin gr an éx ito. Está n desesp erado po rque no tien en di nero y tien en q ue dor mir en u n sop ortal. Yo pien so q ue ha n he cho mucha s co sas p ara sac ar trab ajo. Yes ica ha ma ndado 300 cur rículos y l o q ue es m uchos. L a ún ica co sa qu e h ay es qu e visi tar las ocu paciones a efe ctos de l os emplea dores pue den verlo s. Pued en emp ezar a estu diar tambi én. Pe ro yo cre o qu e a lo m ejo r es ca ro. E n el tex to 2 encon tramos do s chic as, Susa na y Sis sy q ue está n en Be rgen en N oru ega p ara trabaj ar. E n Ber gen limpia n y frie gan p ara gan ar din......

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Alimentation En Gros Scott

...pourront aider Dany au choix de prendre en considération la proposition de Laurent Scott * ASG a le choix de ou acheter les actions de VMO et ses actifs ou tout simplement construire l’usine et acheté de nouveaux équipements * ASG doit garder un œil sur leur comptabilité et s’assurer qu’elle est conforme aux IFRS afin d’avoir le financement de la banque * De ce fait, un plan de mise en œuvre doit être implanté afin de s’assurer du bon fonctionnement des recommandations implantées. * Laurent Scott doit s’assurer que la capacité d’heures machines n’est pas dépassé Introduction Fondé il y a maintenant 35 ans, AGS est une entreprise qui œuvre dans le domaine de grossiste d’alimentation. AGS fait face à plusieurs questions. L’entreprise a plusieurs projets, dont l’expansion de ses activités. Une analyse de la situation actuelle effectué, suivi d’une analyse des enjeux et des options majeures qui se présentent à l’entreprise. Une recommandation sera formulée suivi d’une prévision et suivi de l’option. Finalement, une analyse des enjeux secondaires et du plan de mise en œuvre seront présentée pour finalement finir avec la conclusion. Analyse de la situation actuelle Mission * Alimentation en gros Scott est une entreprise qui œuvre dans le domaine du grossiste d’alimentation. Elle offre différent produits d’alimentation dont de la dinde. AGS exploite ses activités à Winnipeg et au Manitoba. FFPM Forces * Grossiste en alimentation prospère *......

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