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Encouraging Others to Be More Environmentally Friendly

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Research this topic and you are faced with multiple sites giving you multiple ideas on how businesses can become more environmentally friendly such as passive solar heating and cooling, bio-diversity, waste management, water management and energy management. The Australian Government offers subsidies to businesses to be more environmentally friendly. The Queensland Government also offers support to business to be more efficient through several programs such as the Smart Energy Program, ecoBiz Queensland, and The Clean Energy Future Plan. But how do we as individuals to encourage companies to make some effort in making business activities more environmentally friendly?
The University of Chicago Press release “Want to Encourage Eco-Friendly Behavior? Give Consumers a Nudge (Don’t Tell Them What to Do)” suggests by asking people to commit to being eco-friendly, offering something which symbolizes that commitment is more sustainable than just telling them what to do.
Similar to The Leadership Challenge, “Ways to Encourage employees to go Green” shares six practices to encourage eco-friendly behavior:
1. Share the vision
2. Start a Green Team
3. Educate Employees
4. Provide Incentives
5. Make it fun
6. Be an example
This could be the start of one way to “nudge” others to be eco-friendly. The more individuals that are aware of the importance of environmental responsibility, the more weight we will carry as a group. As consumers there are ways we can demand organizations to become more environmentally friendly. We can:
1. Only buy products that are energy, or water efficient
2. Buy recycle products, recycle or reuse
3. Only but from companies that are environmentally friendly
4. Only buy from companies that are socially responsible
Consumer choice drives a market. Without consumers a business cannot survive, therefore businesses must respond to consumer…...

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