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Lauren Klubertanz
Lauren’s English 101 Portfolio
15 July 2016

Table of Contents

Cover Letter p. 3-4

Self- Assessment Essay p. 5-10

College Learning Essay p. 11-17

Analyzing Arguments Essay p. 18-23

Cover Letter

This midterm portfolio shows how I have progressed has a college reader and writer. Before this class I had trouble even understanding how to write a thesis and now I think I can definitely write a college level thesis. I have progressed to know how to incorporate my evidence into my concise and focused thesis statement. For example in the self assessment essay my thesis was, “Due to transferring to many schools over my first two years of college, I feel like I have had the opportunity to build up many habits of mind from Framework for Success in Post-Secondary Writing, especially in flexibility, openness and persistence but still can develop in metacognition and creativity in order to become a more successful college writer.” This showed that I could adapt a thesis to the assignment and it was focused and used my sources. At this point in the semester, a strength I have is the ability to connect source evidence with my thesis. I am able to develop my focused thesis around source-based evidence. For example in the college learning essay I was able to use my interview with my friend who was an elementary teacher to help develop my thesis about how teaching has changed due to technology. I also think another strength I have is organizing my paper in a proper order. In the three essays in this portfolio I organized the essays with a focused thesis, introduction, body paragraphs and an organized conclusion. A challenge I have is using signal phrases to introduce my source-based evidence. I have worked on revising the essay on college learning to try and use…...

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