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Analysis Report
Analysis Report
PR Company
PR Company

Introduction: Good day this report lays out the goals we wish to achieve in the steps forward on accommodating the Indonesian culture we effect during the time of our detoured deliveries. Thomas Bartholomew has reported that our PR campaign will best be successful with a town feast that focus mainly with rice and Side dishes of meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables and a variety of condiments and sauces using chili peppers and other spices accompany rice. Mike Connors has suggested to play on the strengths of their history with commerce and make some deal to transport small amount of their trades. Mariam Diakite believes their focus on religion and their ritual Ramadan in the summer is a crucial aspect to be aware of for our drivers. Codie Basse Believes that their love for art can be a huge push for our campaign by pushing an art show.
Background: This PR Campaign was set up by Anne Brown for the detrimental change to our delivery route. This change now effects nearby villages of the Indonesian culture base. Our efforts for this campaign is to build a relationship with the community that benefits both our organization and the community.
Purposes: We need to be aware of the community during the Month of august and our drivers need to be train to respected their Ramadan (the month of fasting), Idul Fitri (the end of fasting), and the hajj (pilgrimage). Indonesia annually provides the greatest number of pilgrims to Mecca, so in this we can affect their rituals. Our Organization needs to be aware of the fact that Indonesia is of the Sunni variety of Islam, so they have very small hierarchical leadership. Which this fact could also lead to us finding the leaders very quickly.
Limitations: Indonesian etiquette could be considered push and shove which will limit or most likely defeat any of a door to door campaign. Also children have been noted to yell belanda, belanda which is white westerner to European travelers and with Mariam Diakite in our group we need to be aware of the high reports of young men harassing women. Many of Indonesia's ethnic groups have strong kinship groupings based upon patrilineal, matrilineal, or bilateral descent. Such peoples are primarily in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Maluku, Sulawesi, and the Eastern Lesser Sundas. Patrilineal descent is most common, though matriliny is found in a few societies, such as the Minangkabau of West Sumatra and southern Tetun of West Timor. Some societies in Kalimantan and Sulawesi, as well as the Javanese, have bilateral kinship systems. Kinship is a primordial loyalty throughout Indonesia. Fulfilling obligations to kin can be onerous, but provides vital support in various aspects of life. Government or other organizations do not provide social security, unemployment insurance, old age care, or legal aid. Family, extended kinship, and clan do provide such help, as do patron-client relationships and alliances between peers. Correlated with these important roles of family and kin are practices of familial and ethnic patrimonialism, nepotism, patronage, and paternalism in private sectors and government service.

Questions: How to take the detour without effecting the ritual mainly during the month of August? How to schedule are drivers time to eat and drink during the Ramadan that the town who follows a strict no eating or drinking during daylight hours. Mainly to ensure no disruption to their ritual or our drivers being hurt in some way. How to best approach the culture to unite our organization and them for a successful campaign. How can we better the culture while we in turn share their area and time? How can we make this a lasting relationship that we can later build more on to?
Methods: Survey are not the wisest choice when it come to the culture at least when it comes to door to door surveys. Group surveys at a feast will be the best method to use for surveying.
Sample: Mike, Codie, Thomas, and Mariam our sample sources we will use to better unite the organization with the culture during our campaign.
Instrumentation: This section describes all the instruments and tools that were used during the analysis. Copies of the tools should be included in the Appendices.
Results: We were able to best select our result through an organization of a town feast.
Recommendations: We recommend high understanding when it come to our drivers and the cultures rituals for their religion. We also request more night deliveries then day deliveries.
Summary: We believe that a union with the cultural is very likely, but it will be base off of our friendliest with the people. We know that religion is huge in this region and that their rituals plus customs must be adhered to. Also we can have a very successful campaign with feasts with the culture.
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