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English 1 Segment 1
Discussion Based Assessments Study Guide
Congratulations on preparing to complete your discussion based assessment with your instructor! Use the topics below as an overview to prepare for your discussion along with your assessments, graphic organizers, or materials that you completed in your unit. When you are ready, contact your instructor to schedule an appointment or to complete your discussion assignment with them over the phone.
Unit 1 DBA (Lesson 1.11)

- Review the radio version and the written version of War of the Worlds.

- Review the plot of The Cold Equations.

- When he sensed the girl he said come out I the rising acion.

- The control room description is the exposition.

- Sending her away is the falling action

- “Her haunting the ship” the ship was at a cold equation and all he heard was I didn’t do anything; denouncement.

- Conversation with her brother is climax

- Review both internal and external conflict types and be prepared to discuss them and provide examples. | The other kind of conflict comes from within, and it is known as internal conflict. | Man vs self. External conflicts occur outside of a person. External Conflict These are problems that can come from other people or from things in the environment. Man vs. Man | Man vs. Nature | Man vs. Society

- Review Paraphrase and Summary. | A paraphrase is a rewording of something another author wrote. This does not make it your own work (always put your work cited).\/ A summary is a breakdown of the important things that happened in a story. Brief one-two sentence or even more about the main points. If you read a book this will be important to write to help stufy off of instead of reading the whole story back.

- Review Theme. | A story’s theme is a statement that identifies the life experience the author wants us to learn. Authors might use abstract themes for it to be hard to make a final verdict for the meaning of a story.
- Review your rescued words and be able to use them in a sentence. (Refer to Lesson 1.00)
Inaudible: unable to be heard; The burglar footsteps inside the man’s home were inaudible.
Valiant: brave; The girl was very valiant to get over her fear of spiders.
Tedious: long and boring; The English final was very tedious.
Avert: turn away or look away: the captain had to avert from the iceberg
Pitch: set up- throw; can you pitch me some ideas. The pitcher pitched the fastest he has ever pitched

Unit 2 DBA (Lesson 2.07)

- Review the plot techniques and be prepared to discuss them (flashback, flash-forward, in medias res, dream sequence, fast pace, slow pace)

- Review both internal and external conflict types and be prepared to discuss them and provide examples

- Review Plot Structure and it’s elements: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution

- Review your novel from unit 2 for the following: o your protagonist and the conflicts he/she faces o Decisions by your protagonist o Theme of your novel - Review your saved rescue words for unit 2 and be prepared to discuss them. (Refer to Lesson 2.00)

Unit 3 DBA (Lesson 3.07)

- Review your rescued words and be able to use them in a sentence. (Refer to Lesson 3.00)

- Review types of figurative language. Think of not only definitions, but examples as well (Refer to lesson 3.02)

- Review allusions and hyperboles. Think of not only definitions, but where you see these in King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” (Refer to lesson 3.02 and 3.04)

- Review claim. Think of not only the definition, but also King’s claim in “Letter from Birmingham Jail” (Refer to lesson 3.03).

- Review the structure of King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” (Refer to lesson 3.05)

- Review the importance of an outline and describe how it helped you in the writing process (Refer to lesson 3.08)…...

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